Lviv Best Restaurants for Pizza

Lviv Best Restaurants for Pizza

Photo: ShutterstockThis Italian staple has been elevated far beyond its humble roots. Discover where to find seriously good pizzas in Lviv.

It seems, Lviv has flushed with very good pizza places. In the past few years alone, a hearty number of high-quality pizzerias have graced the city with their farm-to-oven Italian cuisine creations, expanding Lviv’s already vibrant pizza scene.
Pizzeria Felicita

Pizza Lviv Felicita
At Pizzeria Felicita, the pizzas have a thick rim and elastic body (similar to the Neapolitan style), an anatomy that is essential for containing their dense toppings. But before jumping into the pizza, begin with fritti (fried starters) and a glass of delicious in-house wine.
Address: 1, Mitskevycha street, Lviv
Bella Ciao

Pizza Lviv Bella
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Arrive at this classic Roman pizzeria before 8pm or be prepared to queue for its scrocchiarella (crispy thin crust) Roman-style pizza. Take a pass on the crostini, which are nothing much to write home about, and start with a plate of marinated olives instead. At Bella Ciao they take the old-school approach to Roman pizza meals. The flat and crispy pizzas, which are made in a wood-burning oven, are designed to hold few toppings – meaning that there are simple pizzas over here and they are the best. The margherita and marinara are consistently excellent and served by brisk, casual waiters who are quick to flirt and crack jokes. There is outdoor seating in the summer, a veritable necessity considering the heat of the pizza oven.
Address: 31, Virmenska street, Lviv.
Celentano Ristorante

Pizza Lviv Celentano
With its Ukraine-sourced (when possible) ingredients, friendly service, and rapid turnover, the original upscale branch of Celentano fast-food franchise network, remains, for our money, the best pizza joint in Lviv. Both indoor and outdoor seating overlooks the bustling Lviv Rynok Square. Here you can sate a craving for genuine, Neapolitan-style pizza, with a flavorful slow-rise sourdough crust and a variety of traditional and innovative toppings. Purists will prefer either the tomato, garlic and oregano or the tomato, mozzarella and basil, in season. Other menu choices and daily specials include a variety of seasonal vegetable and cured meat-laden pizzas. Side salads and the restaurant’s unusual lemonade are highly recommended, being thoughtful additions to the carb-heavy pizza. Wine and beer are also available. The other branches of Celentano Pizza are fine, but haven’t reached the perfection of this particular branch.
Address, 1, Galytska street, Lviv (just on the corner with Rynok Square).
Tarta by Mrs Greenwich

Pizza Lviv Tarta
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The attractions of Lychakiv District in Lviv – almost anti-touristy land between Lviv city center and Lychakiv Cemetery – won’t place it on many cultural excursions to Lviv. But at Tarta by Mrs Greenwich, located on a side street, which leads to one of the major tourists’ attactions in Lviv (Lychakiv Cemetery) you can taste a slice of Neapolitan genuine pizza and relax in super cozy nearly home setting. Sit by the huge windows and indulge yourself in relaxed atmosphere of this place. The traditional Italian toppings are assembled to order, and might include various cheeses, juicy sausage, sun dried tomatoes or wild olives.
Address: 24, Pekarska street, Lviv.

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