Lviv Street Food: Summer 2017

Lviv Street Food: Summer 2017

Pack some napkins – "Destinations" guides you to Lviv’s best street food delivers and shares everything you need to know about the city’s top on-the-go eats.

If you're food-obsessed but don't have the disposable income for Lviv's best restaurants, street food is your savior. Lviv city center and various food festivals are now bursting with stalls serving up cheap eats of an exceptional standard in dinky disposable containers. «Destinations» brings you the best street food spots and hole-in-the-walls in Lviv.
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Hummus and Falafel

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This hole-in-the wall street food joint in Lviv offers delicious Israeli fast food. Here foodies can savor freshly made hummus with different flavors, pita and falafel wraps, signature sabich (pita stuffed with deep fried egg and eggplant) and lentil soup. All the food is property packed, so it can be very easily and comfortably consumed on the go.
Hummus and Falafel is located inside Andreolli passage (29. Reno square, Lviv)

Familia Wok and Pasta

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This place started as a small Italian street food joint in Lviv downtown. It turned out to be an instant success and the place quickly outgrown the tiny space it was occupying and it turned into 2 full fledged restaurants. Familia Wok and Pasta restaurants also sell their food in to-go packaging. Foodies love their pastas, and fusion dishes that combine Italian and Asian culinary traditions. Since recently Familia Wok and Pasta also offers juicy burgers and a pretty decent cocktail list.
Address: 9, Kryva Lypa passage.

Bubble Waffle

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Photo: Bubble Waffle Facebook Page
There is always a small crowd around this tiny dessert place in the heart of Lviv on Rynok Square, so be ready to hold your waffle craving for 15-20 minutes waiting in line. Teenagers, tourists, loud party goers hungry for a bite crowd the narrow entryway to Bubble Waffle Lviv waiting for their waffles stuffed with a plush scoops of ice cream, topped with fruits, syrup and colorful cereal. This delicious waffle, sometimes called egg waffle or eggette, is a large hexagon shaped waffle which has a unique bubbled texture. Enjoy a tasty treat that's been transported all the way from the sidewalk vendors of Hong Kong. Bubble Waffle in Lviv is one of the most popular local fast-food spot offers the iconic egg waffles with its own European twist.
Address: 40, Rynok Square, Lviv.

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Photo: Tiki Thai Facebook Page
A pioneer of Lviv’s trend for Chinese fast-food, TikiThai offers a set-priced menus of fried Chinese noodles and wok dishes. This newbie oriental food spot offers packed shrimps, chicken or veggie noodles takeaways and some interesting canned Asian drinks. Hipster/funky interior design and location in the pedestrian parts of Lviv downtown makes TikiThai and Familia perfect places for grabbing a casual bite and one of the most popular street-food restaurant in Lviv. 
Address: Kryva Lypa alley, Lviv.
4, Staroyevreyska street, Lviv.

Yellow Donkey

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Photo: Yellow Donkey Facebook Page
This is one of the newest additions to the Lviv fast food scene. Yellow Donkey falafel bar serves simple, robust dishes that showcase the quality of delicious food. Fresh and lively salads, a variety of burritos and one of the best falafel in Lviv. Yellow Donkey menu offers something for all tastes, adventurous or not so much.
Address: 10, Staroyevreyska street, Lviv.
Italian Bakery

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Italian Bakery in Lviv is a «hole-in-the-wall» bakery, which offers freshly baked Italian pizza by slice, panini, calzone and an array of other mouth watering baked goods. You can often spot a line of people waiting for their orders, always a good sign for a street food place, at Italian Bakery near Rynok Square. Here you can also take a cup of aromatic coffee-to-go as well as some seasonal freshly made drinks like lemonade in summer and hot wine in winter. If you are in a hurry and need a quick delicious food fix, Italian Bakery is the perfect place.
Address: 3, Krakivska street, Lviv.
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Street food: a simple concept, almost as old as streets themselves, which is now taking off in Lviv despite a slow start. Prepared and/or sold on the city's pavements (to the extent permitted by the law), and designed to be easily eaten on the fly. «Destinations» rounded up top 5 Lviv street food worth trying.

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