Madame Wong Restaurant in Kyiv

Madame Wong Restaurant in Kyiv

Madame Wong is a newly open Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant in Kyiv. It is located in the beautiful Vozdvizhenka district not far from famous Andriyivsky Descent. The restaurant takes its name from famous pirate queen of South-East Asia, who lived in XX century.

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The interior design of Madame Wong is really impressive. The restaurant hall is relatively small – it holds only 35 persons, which creates cozy and intimate atmosphere. The walls are covered with authorial paintings of notable Ukrainian visual artist – Dmitry Baryshev. These paintings show Madame Wong portrait, Koi carps, dragons, and also portrait of a girl, which is the copy of well-known work of the painter hiding behind the pseudonym “Hush”. The hall includes small tables as well as long high table for a big company in the center of the room. Administration of the restaurant also promises to open an outdoor summer terrace.
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The kitchen of Madame Wong restaurant is headed by Sergey Galusсhenko. The chef and his team are young professionals, but each of them has already gained serious experience in Kyiv cafes and restaurants. Open kitchen is the special feature of Madame Wong. It gives every client an opportunity to see by his own eyes how his/her order is being cooked. By the way, all the sauces in Madame Wong are self-made, produced right in the restaurant, and each sauce includes up to 13 ingredients. Madame Wong menu contains more than 80 dishes of India, Japan, China and Thailand.
Of course, sushi lovers will feel absolutely happy here because of almost 20 types of rolls with tune, salmon, eel, caviar, pineapple, mango and other delicious additives. There are classic rolls, such as Philadelphia and also original warm rolls and spring rolls. Special attention should be paid to Asian soups. Madame Wong offers spicy Thai Tom Yam soup with seafood and wood ear mushrooms and Thai Tom Kha soup with coral mushrooms and chicken. The visitors can also try soups with gyoza and broccoli, with shrimps and shiitake mushrooms, coconut soup with seafood and egg noodle and other. All real gourmands know that Asian soups are very good for dinner due to combination of extremely nourishing ingredients and spicy flavour.
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Noodle is one more meal worth trying in Madame Wong. The restaurant menu provides noodle of different types: ramen, udon, harusame, soba and rice. Clients often order udon noodle with chicken, royal shrimps, vegetables and saffron sauce and ramen noodle with vegetables, chicken and eggs with ginger sauce. Those who love fish and meat can try proficiently cooked chicken, pork, veal, salmon or pike-parch fillet with delicate sauce and fresh vegetables. Asian pizza and New Zealand mussels in coconut milk will be a pleasure for the fans of unusual food. Madame Wong does not offer alcohol drinks yet, but visitors can order delicious coffee a la Vienne, latte, diverse herbal teas and juices.
Madame Wong can be appreciated for its reasonable prices (average bill is UAH 250) and large food portions. Visit this new Pan-Asian restaurant in picturesque and calm Vozdvizhenka to enjoy nice atmosphere and tasty eastern meals.
Address: 10a, Kozhum`yatska street.
Photo source: Facebook page of business mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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