March 2018 Fine Dining Spots in Kyiv

March 2018 Fine Dining Spots in Kyiv

Years pass, and still no wind and no snow can stop dwellers of Kyiv from going out and meeting their friends on weekends to compensate the need to get out in the cold at workdays. Luckily, March 2018 is marked not only by freezing temperature and daylight savings. Destinations picked new fine dining spots to check out while spring slowly creeps around the corner.

Mala Opera Coffeeshop

Not nearly every local knows that Lukianivka isn't only a metro station, McDonalds and a huge market. Right across the street, view hidden behind the stalls with fruits and vegetables, stands the bright pink building of Mala Opera. One of the numerous architectural artefacts in Kyiv, Mala Opera was erected in 1902 and soon became an 'art-space' of the time — first, it hosted concerts and plays, then became a first cinema in Kyiv. During the times of the Soviet Union Mala Opera building was extremely dilapidated and only some years ago it was fully renovated. Nowadays it's a popular concert hall — and a home for Mala Opera Coffeeshop, located on the first floor.
 Here visitors can enjoy a full range of coffee, from classics like cappuccino and Americano to modern blends like flat white. Besides, the café has a broad wine card. As for the food, Mala Opera is known for fresh desserts, some of them are home-made: various cakes, muffins and sweets.
Address: 5, Dehtiarivska street
Savage Food

Those who have heard of or visited the famous Closer Kyiv club can now discover the new sides of it — in a vegetarian Savage Food restaurant. In fact, Savage Food has been operating before, but only during parties. Now guests can enjoy the stay starting 6 P.M. on Wednesday till Saturday. The menu is full of vegetarian dishes, made from seasonal-only products: thus, one can find salads, soups, dumplings, and sophisticated sandwiches with artichoke mousse with portobello. As for the drinks, Savage Food offers non-alcoholic options like smoothies, and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages at the bar, some of them being sparkling wine, beer and shots of spirits. Besides, bartenders at Savage Food developed a special cocktail menu bound to surprise visitors.
Address: 31, Nyzhnoiurkivska street
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Benjamin's Restaurant
Good news for seafood lovers in Kyiv — a new Mediterranean cuisine spot Benjamin's has opened right in the capital's downtown. The place is now working in a test-mode to give visitors a taste of the regular menu that will be implemented here soon. Thus, it's a good opportunity to try any appetizers for UAH 50, and main dishes for UAH 100. Some positions from the menu include sophisticated baked eggplant cream soup with yogurt, kebab from Mediterranean fish or lamb, and assortment of oysters. Besides, Benjamin's offers an unusual spin on classic desserts: chocolate mousse and panna cotta. Before the official opening, restaurant works from 6 to 11 P.M.
Address: 30B, Lesi Ukrainky boulevard
Gimlet Bar

This new downtown bar is dedicated exclusively to gin, which is reflected even in the name of the place. Gimlet offers a large assortment of gin types to discover new tastes in the classical liquor. Cocktail map contains 10 gin-based cocktails, as well as 5 side options with another liquor. It is worth noting that each cocktail is prepared without chemical flavorings and dyers, using natural-only ingredients. As for the menu, it includes gin as well — some positions, like chicken liver salad, are served with a gin sauce. Gimlet adapted dishes of French, Italian and Pan-Asian cuisine to present intriguing fusions, such as salad with watermelon radish, shiitake mushrooms and spicy sauce. Besides, lunches are available here from 12 to 3 P.M. every day.

Address: 37/13, Antonovycha street
Дзяо-бар / Dziao Bar

A new spot of Pan-Asian cuisine has opened in Obolon' district, right in the Epitsentr shopping mall. Dziao Bar specializes on Jiaozi — dumplings with various fillings. Visitors can try traditional Chinese dish with pork, chicken & mushrooms, lamb, pork & cabbage. Besides, ramen is another hot pick in Dziao. It truly astonishes with its size of more than 1 liter. Thus, visitors can try an intriguing fusion of Asian cuisines reflected in this noodle soup: spicy kimchi ramen, ramen à la Lao Pan, and ramen à la Shanghai.

Address: 20D, Polyarna street
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Photo source: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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