Mille Miglia: a Thousand Flavors

Mille Miglia: a Thousand Flavors

Photo Mille Miglia restaurantOn the 20th of October 2016 in Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv the new menu prepared by the chef Fabrizio Righetti was presented to the journalists.

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The fans of authentic Italian cuisine could enjoy a light Italian snacks of the freshest ingredients, the taste of which perfectly complemented by Hugo drink. By the way, Hugo is Prosecco with elderberry syrup has appeared in Italy in 2005, it was the time of Mille Miglia opening in Kyiv.
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For starters, the restaurant guests could taste the Parma ham on melon, carpaccio of beef, Vitello Tonnato - veal with tuna sauce.
Main courses of the new menu are worth of special attention, their taste is very Italian one so to say, very expressive. There was even discussion about sault in dishes. Chef Righetti has confirmed that indeed, in Ukraine his original, authentic recipes are sometimes perceived as male ones due to a special sharp taste, while in Italy these dishes are traditional and familiar to everyone.
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Livorno style fish soup also was to the guests’ taste, although the chef, who is originally from Rome, is not very fond of soups. In the capital of Italy soups are not popular. But Fabrizio is ready to please his guests with any request as for the food.
Beef fillet with foie gras, arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese; duck breast with foie gras and red port wine sauce, carrot puree and green beans; red tuna with a crust of sesame, chutney of red onion and lettuce in lemon dressing; sea bass with leek onion, cherry tomato and white wine sauce, with mashed potatoes and broccoli were the favorites for the main course.
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For sure no one can imagine Italian dolce vita style without desserts: crème brûlée with white chocolate; the Marquis - a traditional Turin dessert with chocolate; cheesecake with from ricotta cheese with biscuit from hazelnuts and caramelized pears and the King of Italian cuisine and Mille Miglia desserts’ - a real tiramisu.
In this restaurant you can always count on real Italian flavor, warm atmosphere, friendly words of the chef and huge portions. 
Address: 22, Yaroslaviv Val Street, Kyiv
Photos: Mille Miglia restaurant, Anna Vishtak

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