MOMO: Kyiv’s Healthy Fast-Food

MOMO: Kyiv’s Healthy Fast-Food

MOMO is the newest addition to Kyiv’s healthy foods scene. This is a place where you can casually drop by on your way to work or before a walk or picnic to stock up on a wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

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MOMO in Kyiv is located in the Kontraktova Square area. Here visitors will find hot and cold sections offering a great variety of soups, salads, tortillas, sandwiches and drinks, all freshly made and securely packed.

The restaurant offers both veggie and non-veggie dishes. All the food is prepared and arranged in a to-go packaging in such a manner that the customers can see what the dish they’ve picked up contains. It means that all the ingredients are cooked and processed, but the client would have to do the mixing of the ingredients him- / herself. This has been a very popular concept of healthy eating in Europe and the US already and now it’s arriving to Ukraine.
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The interior of the MOMO is quite simple and laconic, which correlates perfectly with the restaurant’s concept. There are two separated areas one of which houses hot and cold showcases with restaurant’s assortment of foods and drinks; the other one offers a pleasant and comfortable sitting area. MOMO’s overall atmosphere suggests democratic and contemporary eatery so do its prices. The average check for a lunch won’t exceed UAH 100.
Address: 24, Sahaydachnoho street, Kyiv. 
Photo source: MOMO Facebook Page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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