Most popular restaurants in Odessa

Most popular restaurants in Odessa

Photo Bernardazzi.comThe gastro scene in Odessa in booming. With numerous restaurants opening each new summer season, the selection of options for eating out is impressive. «Destinations» brings the list of most popular places to eat in Odessa for you to enjoy famous southern Ukrainian hospitality.

Odessa is a dynamic, energetic and somewhat decadent metropolis located on the coast of the Black Sea. This city became a home for multicultural and multinational crowd. People from all over Europe came to Odessa to make their fortune here, thus the city’s patchy and rather tatty appearance. Odessa is an ultimate Ukrainian destination for holidaymakers and regular party crowd with its sandy beaches, warm climate and dozens of beachside nightclubs.

Dacha – a family summer cottage – is a dreamworld of happy childhood memories for locals. This Odessa’s location, perched on a plateau above Arkadia inside Chkalov sanatorium, masterfully re-creates the atmosphere – on a slightly exaggerated scale. Food is homey, Odesa-style, with sumptuous portions. You can choose between dining in the garden or inside the house filled with the random bric-a-brac typical for all dacha houses in Ukraine.
Address: 85, Francuzkiy Boulevard, Odessa

Odesa's most celebrated restaurateur Savely Libkin conjured this place out of his childhood memories, setting a trend for what is becoming known as Odesa cuisine. The simplest dishes are the best – try cutlets with potato puree and water them down with one of the eponymous kompots, fruity drinks which housewives preserve in jars to consume in winter. They also serve superb French-influenced breakfasts here.
Address: 20, Derebasovskaya street, Odessa
Gogol Mogol

gogol mogol
From the multihued old bicycles and rainbow park benches bolted to the pavement outside to the jumble-sale decor of the quirky interior, this art cafe is an unmissable chapter in the alternative city-center story. The short menu doubles up as a visitors’ book, they do a mean cappuccino and it's also a popular evening meeting spot.
Address: 2, Pereulok Nekrasova, Odessa

IMG 02261
This place is a tribute to all Soviet grannies who spent long Odessa summers stuffing hundreds of jars with delicious garden produce – marinated, pickled, salted, jellified, caramelized – you name it. There are stakes of jars containing all kinds of preserves in the main room which doubles as a shop. On the verandah, people are treated with traditional Odessite and more inventive dishes with international influences.
Address: 11, Havanna street, Odessa

Few Ukrainian restaurants have truly authentic settings but the Art Nouveau dining room of this superb Italian job, part of the eye-catching Philharmonic Hall, is the real deal. In addition to well-crafted southern and Eastern European fare, there's an award-winning wine list, occasional live music and a secluded courtyard for summertime chilling. It's named after the architect who designed the building.
Address: 15, Bunina street, Philharmonic Hall ground floor, Odessa

As a popular destination on the Black Sea, Odessa attracts many travelers flocking to the beautiful architecture and impressive arts scene. The city also boasts many restaurants and cafés where these travelers can stop for a bite or a luxurious dinner after a long day’s sightseeing. «Destinations» chose the most popular restaurants in Odessa to make the choice a little easier.

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