Musafir Restaurant in Kiev

Musafir Restaurant in Kiev

Located in the cozy corner of the city center, Musafir restaurant in Kiev has been rightfully claimed as one of the best restaurants of regional cuisine in the capital. Unique traditional elements in interior, chefs with secret knowledge and the most delicious coffee served in a ceremony, the place is certainly worth a visit.

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Founded by a Crimean Tatar family, Musafir restaurant in Kiev has moved from its original location in Bakhchisaray after the political events of 2014 in Crimea. Since then, the owners have managed to create an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality in the bustling and ever busy capital. The interior design, inspired by the traditional Crimean Tatar house with its adobe whitewash, ceiling joists and handmade carpets, certainly has to do with the ambience of the place. Besides, Ukrainian wood factory WOODWERK helped the restaurant to keep to the traditional style by making hundreds firm and lasting wooden tables and benches, which ensure placing customers comfortably.
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musafir interior
The menu covers all classics of Crimean Tatar cuisine. The worthy mentioning is, of course, chebureki - a deep fried turnover with minced meat and onions. This truly well known far above the borders of Crimea dish is made with a single piece of dough, rounded and folded over in a crescent shape. Traditionally eaten with hands, it has become a popular street snack as well. Yantyk is a dish similar to chebureki, and it is also served here. The main difference between two is a lack of oil - yantyk can be called a «dry» chebureki. Other menu highlights include manti (dumplings with spiced meat), burma (a roll with different fillings), shashlyk, salads and soups. If you adore Eastern delights, be sure to try baklava - a rich, sweet pastry made of many thin dough layers, stuffed with chopped nuts, held together by honey.
musafir sweets
Musafir restaurant in Kiev is also renown for its coffee, made and served in a traditional Crimean Tatar style. You will witness a whole ceremony of serving in cezve - a special pot, designed specifically for the Crimean Tatar coffee. What is especially interesting, compared to a Turkish cezve, a Crimean Tatar one has several distinguishing features, spotted only by the eyes of the master-hand. Depending on the size of cezve, the outcome is different - a small cezve will get you an espresso-sized coffee, while a bigger one will serve almost twice as much. On Saturdays, the restaurant is filled with the sounds of live Crimean Tatar music - a sight to witness. Be sure to book a table beforehand, as the place is vastly popular for family meetings and chit-chats with friends.
Address: 57A, Saksahanskoho street; 3, Bohdana Khmelnitskogo street
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Photo sources: Musafir restaurant in Kiev facebook page, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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