Muslim Food Market in Kyiv

Muslim Food Market in Kyiv

Many locals have already found their way into various halal fine dining spots in Kyiv, but there’s one place most people still have no clue about – a weekly Muslim market that is located in Lukianivska district. Every week passers-by have a chance to enjoy fresh and delicious shawarma, kebab, and sweet delights. Let’s check it out.

Every Friday from noon till 4 PM a quiet corner alley near Islamic Cultural Center in Lukianivka district becomes a lively bazaar. The market appeared here not long after the opening of Ar-Rahma Mosque in Tatarka neighborhood and ever since gathers weekly to sell fresh Muslim street food, and, of course, share the latest news in the community.
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During the working hours of the market, mosque’s prayer halls are filled with those who come for Jumu'ah — an obligatory Friday prayer. Some stop on their way afterwards to have a hot meal and chat with other members of the community. Long market stalls gather people of different nationalities, joined by a single religion and various cuisines. 

Here visitors will find hot pilaf in from classic Uzbek pilaf with carrots and meat, to more exotic versions with chili pepper, lettuce, and raisins.
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Muslim Market is one of the best places to try shawarma, made of fresh lamb kebab. It is served with salad, kebab and special sauce for an attractive price of UAH 40. A truck that sells Uzbek samosa with veal, baked in a stove stands right at the end of the market alley and attracts numerous visitors.
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Besides, market is filled with a variety of sweet delights: from Turkish halva and sweet Tunisian dates to homemade pistachio sweets and the latest culinary trend so popular in Kyiv — hummus.
Vendors at the market mostly sell homemade food they prepared themselves according to their country’s culinary traditions, which is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with one more culture right in the middle of Kyiv.
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Where: Starozhytomyrs'kyi lane, orient on Islamic Cultural Center

When: every Friday, 12 — 16 P.M.
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