New Cafes & Coffee Shops in Kyiv: Winter 2018

New Cafes & Coffee Shops in Kyiv: Winter 2018

This winter new food spots pop up in Kyiv faster than most can notice. Coffee shops, vegetarian cafes, restaurants and bars…it's hard to keep up sometimes, especially with the amount of information that is dropped on our heads everyday on Facebook feed. Destinations gathered a chart of new cafes that opened in Kyiv this winter – let's check it out.


Blimey started working in a test mode way back in December 2017, but their official opening was scheduled for January. This café located in downtown quickly became one of the loud winter openings in Kyiv: people come here for the big portions of both food and drinks: classic sweet doughnuts with different fillings and glaze, salty doughnuts, granola bowls, and overshakes. The latter are essentially a milk shake with all imaginable toppings: waffles, biscuits, jellies and marshmallows. The menu also has fruit bowls with granola, five fillings up to your choice.
Address: 5, Lva Tolstoho street
Coffee Point D

This coffee-shop is best known for its design — styled as one of the million plastic walk-in shops, called "MAF" (from "small architecture") one might have seen near the bus stops and metro stations. Coffee Point D is somewhat a simulacrum of the above-mentioned shops. In fact, here guests are served with coffee of alternative brewing, making it a "third wave" coffee shop. The idea of the co-founder, Anton Dykhnich, was to show that barista doesn't necessarily need a full-blown facility to work in. If they have high quality equipment, use scales and work in a clean and comfortable surroundings, even a MAF will do.
Address: 24, Solomianska street
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One Little Coffee Shop

This small (or, to be precise, Little) coffee shop popped up right between Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Sofiyivska square. The idea was to create a simple and cozy place to have a cuppa with friends, without any pretentiousness whatsoever. One of the café's owners, Oleksandr, had previous working experience as a barista in Kyiv, Chernivtsi and even Krakow. One Little Coffee Shop is heavily focused on European coffee culture, with special inspiration from Spain. Here guests will be offered something else rather than a simple Americano – for instance, filter coffee or V60. Desserts from local bakeries are also available on the menu.
Address: 6, Sofiivs'ka street
Tsvetochnaya Lavka Café

Tsvetochnaya Lavka, which means "Flower stall" in Russian, curiously doesn't sell flowers – instead, here guests can stuff with breakfasts, soups and various cocktails. Peculiarity of the place is a permanent usage of bowls, for the maximum amount and variety of ingredients. Thus, menu is divided into morning bowls (scrambled eggs; egg and croissant, omelette and mango), raw bowls (cream cheese, avocado, pumpkin, as well as citrus and lemongrass) and bowls with soups and salads (quinoa, roast beef and salmon). Apart from this, you can order simple pancakes and cocktails.
Address: 13/42, Saksahanskoho street
Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee chain grows more popular – the new coffee shop opened this winter right near Shuliavka metro station is, in fact, the fourth spot in the city. Owner of the place, Renat Mamatkazin, has got the first place in one of the most prestigious contests for barista - Speciality Coffee Association in Ukraine Championship. It is probably one of the reasons Lion Coffee is beloved so much among the city dwellers and tourists. The menu has all the classics: espresso, cappuccino, latte and flat white, from blend or Arabica up to the guest's choice. Besides, Lion Coffee is also a place to go for ginger and buckthorn tea, cocoa and hot chocolate.
Address: 1, Vadyma Hetmana street
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Dom Vegetarian Café

The place's name means "house" or "home" in Russian, and is one of the most-awaited winter café openings in Kyiv. This new spot, located near Podil historical district, offers visitors a curious blend of vegetarian dishes and various alcohol cocktails. The menu was carefully picked by brand chef Evhen Onufrienko, while Anton Babii was responsible for the bar list. There are tips to try the speciality of the place: burger with oyster mushrooms and truffle oil. Apart from this, guests will find curry rice in coconut milk with sweet potatoes, quinoa with grilled vegetables and tofu, wheat gluten and chiliburger. Owners of the place promise wild parties until 3 A.M. each weekend.
Address: 10/5, Petra Sahaidachnoho street
NomNom Café

Known to breakfast lovers NomNom Cafe has re-opened after changing the vector and menu — now, apart from breakfasts and dinners to-go, visitors will be able to catch a break and enjoy the full menu of tasty dishes. Let's take a look: salmon salad with baked vegetables, Diablo Beef burger with French fries and coleslaw, smorrebrod with salmon, poached egg and sauce Dor Blue...The latter is actually a tip from the visitors, promised to be very nourishing. You can also try traditional Ukrainian syrnyky here, accompanied by sour cream and custard. Besides, the perfect option to-go still stays: croissants, freshly baked right in the cafe.
Address: 75, Zhylianska street
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Photo sources:,, Blimey, One Little Coffee Shop, Цветочная Лавка, Lion Coffee, Dom, NomNom Cafe Facebook pages. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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