New Food Locations in Lviv: March 2018 Review

New Food Locations in Lviv: March 2018 Review

High time to crawl out of the warm nests we might have been sitting in for the past few months. Spring is finally coming around, and so are the new fine dining and coffee locations in the heart of Western Ukraine — Lviv. Let’s check out what new places appeared in the beautiful city.

Om Nom Nom
A café that speaks for itself, Om Nom Nom is located not far from downtown with all its architectural wonders. This is, in fact, the first vegan café in Lviv, which lures in lovers of healthy food. The menu is quite simple and has the newest trends and the timeless classics: hot dogs, including one with hummus, 4 types of bowls, as well as various healthy falafels. As for the drinks, Om Nom Nom offers smoothies and coffee with five different kinds of milk, from almond to coconut, depending on the guest’s taste. The café is pet-friendly: staff will offer furry friends a bowl of water while their owner enjoys the fresh meal.
Address: 10, Rymlyanyna Street
Another place that needs no introduction — it’s all in the name. If you have ever wondered how baristas make those Instagram-worthy pictures on coffee foam, it’s a good chance to witness it firsthand. Moreover, the staff at SelfieCoffee will gladly prepare a latte with the visitor’s own picture. The process is quite simple: upload the picture into a special app, wait four minutes and get your selfieccino. This unusual beverage costs UAH 50.
Address: 1, Petra Doroshenka Street
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Café Gazda
The café’s name means ‘host’ in Polish, and is an often-used term in Western Ukraine. Gazda indeed feels like a welcoming host. To start with, the café has quite convenient working hours: 24/7. The fact makes its menu suitable for any time of the day: from 4 types of breakfast to start off the day and business lunches to a variety of pizzas and burgers for dinner. Besides, Gazda offers dishes from Ukrainian cuisine beloved by many: Borsch with meat and Bogrács, a traditional Transcarpathian soup. Those who want to try Ukrainian homemade liquors nalyvkas will find them here as well: from classic cherry and honey to intriguing mixes like cranberry-orange.
Address: 31, Svobody Avenue
Dr.Ink Food & Drink Bar
This place might interest the bookworms and literature lovers. After all, portraits of famous writers like Hemingway, Remarque and London greet visitors from the walls of the bar. The choice isn’t accidental: at Dr.Ink, guests can enjoy solid drinks like whiskey, rum and calvados just like the famous writers did at their time. Apart from a large assortment of spirits and ‘clean’ liquors, Dr.Ink has 10 cocktails to enjoy. To name but a few picks from the menu, black burger and Duck confit are among delicious dishes to top the beverages.
Address: 7, Yana Zhyzhky Street
A new pizzeria in the city offers a unique opportunity to try pizza baked in a wood stove. For this purpose, Tisto pizzeria has two wood stoves ready to offer classical options like Margherita, and place’s specials. Besides, chefs at Tisto make pasta themselves, ensuring its fresh and rich taste. There are tips to try Fettuccini with meatballs — an unusual spin on the classic Bolognese. The menu is soon to be enriched by several options of bruschetta: with prosciutto and caramelized apple; vegetable satay; pumpkin with cranberry sauce; and baked chicken with mushrooms with honey & mustard sauce. Lovers of vintage will enjoy the place’s interior, full of carefully styled furniture and even vintage glass cola bottles.
Address: 8, Staroievreiska Street
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The place’s name literally means ‘coffee’ in Ukrainian, and is one of the many things visitors can find in this café. The second location of KaVa has opened in March and is quickly becoming a favorite place for locals to chill and chat. Monochrome interior and friendly staff surely have something to do with it. The place has a breakfast menu section available all day for those who want to enjoy their meal just a bit later than everyone else. Vegetable salad with tuna and chickpea is among the most popular picks for dinner. Besides, healthy business lunches like pea soup are here available as well.
Address: 77, Heroiv UPA Street
The restaurant located in the heart of Lviv, Ploscha Rynok, has been a hot topic of gossip among locals for a while. After all, 36По takes up the whole house, which history dates back to the 18th century. The architectural and historical spot is now available to visit for locals and guests of the city. Two-storey aquarium with a real shark, transparent piano Edelweiss and golden coffeemaker are among the most discussed features of the place. As for the menu, here visitors will find Ukrainian cuisine, seafood and whole two floors dedicated to a beer pub.
Address: 36, Ploscha Rynok
Little Green
The great news for vegetarians and vegans: now downtown Lviv has one more healthy food spot. Located near Ivan Franko Park and picturesque Potocki Palace, Little Green lures in tired tourists and locals who seek for a quiet minute in a cozy atmosphere. The menu has classic picks from Pan-Asian cuisine: Udon, Soba, and rice noodles as main dishes with four types of toppings, including falafel, and a Thai soup. Besides, the very special Tofu burger is currently among the most popular picks. As for the drinks, Little Green offers coffee and unusual tea blends: chamomile & fennel, Hibiscus & ginger, and Rooibos.
Address: 36, Petra Doroshenka Street 
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New York Street Pizza

The well-known Lviv pizza chain opened a new location in March 2018, this time in a quiet area near the John Paul II Park. New York Street Pizza is one of the largest franchises in Ukraine and takes matters accordingly: the spacious restaurants offer enough space for business meetings, friendly get-togethers, and birthday parties not to clash. Apart from various pizza types, from classic Margherita to delicious Caesar, visitors can enjoy lasagnas, pasta, potatoes in baked in a clay pot, as well as sweet and sour pancakes. Besides, New York Street Pizza has a separate breakfast menu for the early birds.
Address: 81, Chervonoyi Kalyny Avenue
Золотий Колос / Zolotyi Kolos
Finally, a bar with unique vibes beloved by locals — Zolotyi Kolos is a second creation of the “Choven” bar owners. A true beer paradise that place offers visitors 16 taps of craft beers. Classics from IPA and Golden to Stout and one of the most famous Ukrainian craft beers, Tsypa, are all present in the bar. Besides, lovers of cider can enjoy the cherry flavor of their favorite drink. The menu’s picks include pizza and various snacks tasted best with beer.
Address: 6, Kryva Lypa Passage
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above,, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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