New Kyiv Restaurants: April 2018 Review

New Kyiv Restaurants: April 2018 Review

Long-awaited spring is in the air, trees and flowers are in blossom, and Kyiv gastronomic scene is also blooming with newly-opened dining spots for any taste and budget. Let`s find out which new cafes and restaurants in Ukrainian capital are worth paying a visit in spring 2018.

In early spring 2018, “Pacific” bar has opened its doors on Institutska street in the center of Kyiv. The new dining spot offers six types of oysters with twelve toppings cooked according to Asian, Italian, Spanish and British recipes. It is recommended to try oysters with gaspacho, passion fruit, pomegranate, coconut seviche, kimchee sauce, bacon and Worcestershire sauce, Brie cheese and mushrooms. The menu delights with shrimps and the Black Sea mussels with cream sauce, bruschetta with pear and gorgonzola, pepper and cream cheese, salmon and Philadelphia cheese, paste and truffles as well as with different fish snacks such as salmon tartare or tune seviche, salads and soups. As for dessert, you will surely not regret offering Camembert cheese with honey and nuts or pears with Philadelphia cheese. The wine menu is mostly based on champagne, prosecco and white wines that perfectly match seafood.
Address: 19 B/1, Institutska street
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Biliy Nalyv

The famous Ukrainian restauranteur Dima Borisov has recently presented “Biliy Nalyv” – his 16th restaurant, that keeps to the concept of “the first Ukrainian cidreria”. This new spot on Khreschatyk street has gained wide popularity in the shortest terms. The format of “Biliy Nalyv” is called “one-euro bar”, so all drinks and food cost UAH 29. Another good news: each order is served in 3 minutes. First of all, guests are welcome to try Royal Cider, prepared specially for “Biliy Nalyv”. Cider is poured from barrels hanging on the ceiling, so the whole process of serving this drink looks like an exciting show. Besides, the menu offers delicious liquors and hot punch with species. As for food, in “Biliy Nalyv” visitors can taste cakes with chicken or apples, oysters, classic and vegan hot dogs. The restaurant embraces three halls on two floors, offering space for 50 people. Here is no option for booking a table, so if you are going to visit “Biliy Nalyv” at Saturday evening, be ready to wait in a line and to enjoy your drinks and snacks outside at the small summer terrace.
Address: 23a, Khreschatyk street
Pashtet on Podil

New “Pashtet” (“Paste”) café with dishes from brand chef Evgeniy Klopotenko has been recently launched on Podil. The first café of this network is located on Peremogy avenue. The second “Pashtet” differs from its older brother by special line of pastes with seven different tastes. As the chef says, this concept is related to music, particularly – to seven notes. Guests are welcome to try pastes made of turkey with vegetables, beef with smoked pears, rabbit with chili confiture, chicken liver with rosemary, herring with apple, pork with beef and lavender, and Ukrainian hummus cooked by the recipe of 1902 year. Along with pastes, the menu offers Cesar salad with chicken and beef, borsch with ciabatta and bacon, pork with couscous and Satsebeli sauce, pasta carbonara and many other. Waffle cake or tiramisu will be a great choice for a dessert, while good wines, coffee and exclusive teas will add a finishing touch to your perfect dinner.
Address: 1-2, Kostayantynivska street
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Hummus Bar

The interior design of the newly-opened Hummus Bar keeps to the Eastern style, impressing with warm colors and patterns, furniture made of leather and wood, and numerous live plants. Guests may have a seat on comfortable sofas or on a communal table, from where they can observe what is going on in an open kitchen. The menu unites the best classic and signature recipes from the different countries of the Middle East: Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco. The restaurant does not position itself as a kosher or halal place, but, the menu does not include dishes with pork. Apart from delicious salads and soups, you may order meze, hummus with cilantro, tagine with chicken, pita with mushrooms, pasta with spicy and sweet peeper, tomatoes, onions and herbs (muammara), tartare with salmon, tune or rock-fish and many other. The drinks menu includes such unique options as natural lemonades with pine-cones and birch buds.
Address: 13, Zadniprovskogo street

“Drinkarnia” is a new bar in the very heart of Kyiv, pleasing its visitors with unusual delicious liquors. Here you can find liquors with cherry, sandthorn, currant, plum, cranberry and lime. Along with this, “Drinkarnia” has drinks with really unusual taste combinations such as bourbon with dried apricots and mint, tequila with pineapple and chili, scotch with queen apple. Besides, alcohol gourmands are welcome to taste hrenovuha and Becherovka. Those who wish to try something authentic can choose “Mykulynetske whiskey” and “Carpathian calvados”. “Drinkarnia” also serves regular wines and strong drinks. Of course, a good drink requires an appropriate snack, so guests are offered sandwiches with bacon, cheese and salmon, canapé with herring, beet with cream cheese, meat and cheese platters.
Address: 15, Mykhailivska street
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The owners of the new dining spot, located not far from Golden Gate in Kyiv, say that today people miss delicious home-made food and heartwarming conversations with friends. In other words, these things have become deficiency (“Deficit” in Ukrainian language), and the new restaurant is going to fill this gap. The concept and the name of the place were created by the writer Anton Friedlyand. The restaurant includes a small museum of Yaroslaviv Val street with many old artifacts related to the history of Kyiv. As for food, the restaurant delights with traditional Kyiv dishes. Guests may choose syrniks with raisins and sour cream or pancakes with jam for breakfast. As for snacks and main courses, it is highly recommended to try vegetable marrow paste, chicken bouillon, beef stroganoff, liver cake, fish soup, herring with fried potatoes, cabbage rolls with pepper, dumplings or Kyiv cutlet. The drinks menu offers cranberry fruit drink and many other worthy options.
Address: 9, Yaroslaviv Val street
Tasting appetizing delicacies in new Kyiv restaurants will bring you unforgettable culinary experience and make your 2018 spring brighter.
Photo source:, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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