New Odesa Restaurants: July 2017 Review

New Odesa Restaurants: July 2017 Review

Odesa is undoubtedly attractive for many things. Amazing architecture, warm sea, hospitable and humorous people… This list can be endless. Diverse and highly developed gastro culture of Odesa is surely somewhere on the top of that list. New conceptual restaurants, cafes and food spots, offering delicious meals of different cuisines and friendly service, spring up in the city every month. Let`s check out some newly open restaurants of Odesa.

4EVER city café

4EVER city cafe is a new vegan food spot. Its interior design delights the eye with vivid light colors and vertical green garden. 4EVER city café offers berry muffins, fresh salads, delicious sandwiches (with tofu and basilica sauce, with humus, with pesto and guacamole) and desserts (cheesecakes, puddings, brownies, cakes). As for drinks, the menu includes many tasty smoothies and fresh juices, coffee, authorial teas, lemonades, matcha and carob latte. The desserts in 4EVER city cafe do not include white flour, sugar and aromatizing agents, so they are really good for health. All bakery is own-made. It is highly recommended to taste cinnabons with strawberry and cinnamon; caramel, chocolate and nuts; classic white ganache. All dishes can be served at the restaurant or “to go”.
Address: 18, Bazarna street

This Asian cuisine café has an open kitchen, so any visitor can watch how an ordered dish is being cooked. Ramen soups are the basic meals of the menu. The guests are offered various types of ramen such as chicken ramen with egg noodle, mushroom ramen with rye noodle, Thai soup with pork, cinnamon, rice noodle and anise consommé, pork ramen with rye noodle. By the way, rye and egg noodle here is own-cooked. The menu also includes salmon tartare, chicken and pork satay, diverse salads and chicken bao. Drinks list consists of lemonade, coffee leaf tea and filter coffee. Any guest of NoodleMan should surely try some of exclusive Thai juices made of litchi, mango, passionfruit or coconut.
Address: 47, Aleksandrovsky avenue
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Moloko bar

Moloko bar (Milk bar) is the first craft yoghurt bar in Odesa, offering bio yoghurts and cheeses made on local farm in Odesa oblast. Wooden elements of the interior and light coming from the windows create a cozy atmosphere of the café. Delicious milk products here are used for cooking breakfasts, desserts, salads and waffles. The dishes are served with tasty additives such as chocolate, mint, coconut flakes, honey, pineapple, Brazilian pepper and other. The menu includes gaufre waffles, which are cooked not only in traditional sweet variant, but also with salty fillings: goat cheese, chicken and cucumber. There are also lots of trifle yoghurts, for example, sweet yoghurt with cherry, chocolate and almond, or salty yoghurt with humus, coriander, olives and paprika. As for drinks, guests are offered smoothies, fresh juices, hot berry milk, tea, cocoa, lemonade and various types of hot and cold coffee.
Address: 28, Lanzheronivska street
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Momoyama Ramen bar

“Momoyama” is translated from Japanese as “many momo dumplings”. The café is divided into two halls: dining area and lounge room. Unique architecture, Japanese style curtains, decorative swings and subdued lighting create a special atmosphere of the place. The first thing to try in Momoyama is, of course, Japanese ramen soup. The café offers ramen with chicken, beef and pork. Momo, Tibetan dumplings, are a real specialty of the menu. They are made of choux paste with different additives, such as beef, pork, lamb, turkey and shrimps, and tasty Thai sauce. As for more traditional meals, Momoyama offers salads and spring rolls. The menu includes different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The signature drinks, for example, passionfruit and cumquat tea, are worth special attention. In Friday and Saturday evenings, Momoyama Ramen bar turns into a lounge bar with dance house parties.
Address: 12, Bunina street

4City new concept space was open in May 2017. 70% of profit of this place will be spent on social initiatives of Odesa. 4City is located in the heart of Odesa in an old building with beautiful architecture and interior. This location unites restaurant, bar, coffee shop, co-working and lecture hall. The name of the place expresses its concept, so the restaurant menu consists of the dishes from four famous cities: New York, Rome, Tel Aviv and Odesa. For example, New York meals include sandwiches and burgers; Rome cuisine is presented by classic pasta and bruschetta; Tel Aviv menu offers humus and kebab; Odesa dishes include forshmak and the Black Sea mussels. Desserts and drinks are also divided by cities. In cocktail list, guests can find classic cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Aperol Spritz, Mango Cobbier and other. 4City also offers four types of beer and more than ten different wines from four different corners of the world.
Address: 27/1, Kanatna street
Enjoy tasty meals and have a great time in new Odesa restaurants.
Photo source: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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