New Restaurants in Odesa: Winter 2018 Review

New Restaurants in Odesa: Winter 2018 Review

Gastronomic world of Odesa never stop evolving, surprising city dwellers and guests with the new bright and authentic restaurants every season. 2017-2018 winter is not an exception. This time, Odesa offers something special for everyone – from sophisticated lovers of Asian delicacies to big happy families with kids who seek for burgers and milk shakes. Check out freshly-opened restaurants in Odesa that welcome you to enjoy new culinary delights and great atmosphere.

Golod Restaurant and Bar
Golod (“Hunger”), a restaurant and bar located in a three-storey building, offers its visitors two halls with completely different atmosphere. On the second floor you instantly dive into relaxing ambience of the restaurant, full of delicious tastes and attractive smells of fusion cuisine. Deep colors and soft light of modern interior design calm down your mind in the shortest terms. The main focus of Golod menu is made on Pan-Asian dishes, so here guests can enjoy diversity of seafood, WOK dishes, exotic spices and unusual sauces. If you proceed to the top floor, you find yourself in a noisy and merry atmosphere of a bar. Here bartenders offer everyone to try classic and twist cocktails as well as special drinks made on the personal order. Rhythmic melodies, disco balls and conceptual decor create the atmosphere of never-ending party right away.
Address: 17А, Lanzheronivska street
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Kliover Family Restaurant

This unusual restaurant-hub for kids and their parents has everything for a child`s paradise. Spacious interior with much light and many bright and interesting elements create positive and easy-going atmosphere. Apart from tasting delicious food and drinks, kids are welcome to enjoy coloring books, rocking horses, board games and other amusements. While children play in big separate playrooms with professional animators, their parents just have a long-awaited rest. As for menu, Kliover offers tasty salads, pizza, pasta, burgers, nuggets, milk shakes, smoothies and many other. Grown-ups are welcome to order high-quality wines. All dishes are cooked in an open kitchen under a moving board with toy animal farm – another great excitement for little kids.
Address: 49, Yevreyska street
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Wei Wei Restaurant and Bar

Wei Wei is a new Asian restaurant in Odesa, offering not only delicious wonders of Eastern cuisine, but also wonderful view over the city. According to the beautiful restaurant`s legend, a young man called Wei Wei was cursed by his powerful ancestor to be in an endless search for various pleasures. Fortunately, Wei Wei has found all the desired pleasures in a cozy restaurant by the sea. It easily explains why Wei Wei works both as a restaurant and as a party location. As for food options – here you will not find ordinary sushi, but will taste wide variety of soups and noodles cooked by Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Japanese recipes. There are tips to try Banh bao cakes with mussels, tofu and pork fillings; dim sum with shrimps, salmon and eel; spring rolls with chicken or vegetables; Har Gau with shrimps; Pho soup with beef and noodles. The restaurant also offers signature cocktails and high quality tea.
Address: 31, Gretska street
RED Piano Bar & Grill

RED Piano Bar and Grill, a new stylish location in the very heart of Odesa, occupies two floors. The first floor serves as a party place with bar counter and stage, while the second floor is a lounge zone where guests can chill and relax. Here everyone can listen to live red piano every day, drinking favorite wine, paid with the help of cork fee option (the price for cork fee service is UAH 150-200). However, the restaurant also offers its own good wine menu, so it is possible to order worthy wines right on the spot. The food menu of RED Piano Bar and Grill is a gift for those who love delicious meat. It is highly recommended to try meat cooked on josper, lamb rib roast, salmon steak along with tasty cheese snacks and baked beet salad.
Address: 12, Ekaterininska street
Visiting new restaurants in Odesa is a great option to brighten your winter with the most exciting gastronomic experiences.
Photo source: websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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