Odesa New Restaurants and Bars: Spring 2017 Review

Odesa New Restaurants and Bars: Spring 2017 Review

In addition to its lovely architecture Odesa has a vibrant cultural life, which translates not only into galleries and numerous museums but also good restaurants and cafés. Looking for the best new bars and restaurants in Odesa? As much as guests and locals love long-time establishments and neighborhood standbys they also want to know what's new and what’s happening around them. Luckily, Odesa food-and-drink scene is booming and brings new trendy places to drink and dine every season.

Terrace.Sea View

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This is one of the newest additions to the gastro scene of Odesa. Waterfront views from the terrace make it one of the most beautiful spots to breakfast in the town. Inspired by nautical theme, this restaurant in Odesa reminds beautiful Mediterranean landscapes. This is where the well-groomed set comes for a late breakfast and a glass of morning champagne. The crowd here is rather posh, as are the prices on the menu, which are above average. Terrace.Sea View offers fresh scrambles, omelets, pastries, crispy bacon and hot breakfast favorites. The place works round the clock, so early breakfast is not an issue.
Address: Lanzheron Beach, Odesa.
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The enjoyment of breakfast food shouldn't be restricted to the a.m. Benedikt is an all-day breakfast and brunch place in Odesa. Benedikt works 24/7 and is located in a cozy quiet street away from noisy tourist and party crowd. Here you can order breakfasts, which are served around the globe: Peruvian, Italian, Israeli, classic English, American or continental - the choice is all yours.
Address: 19, Sadovaya street, Odesa.

45 - Forty Five

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This place has already been around for some time, however in case you haven’t heard of it yet, you should definitely pop in for breakfast or dessert. The cafe is located in the center of Odesa, between Odesa Founders Monuments and Duque Monument.
During the day Forty Five, Booze & Bakery offers sumptuous breakfasts, lunches and brunches, while in the evening many regulars pop in for a well-mixed strong drinks like their signature Carribean Old Fashion with rum.
Address: 1, Ekaterynynska Square, Odesa.


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This is the newest addition to Odesa dining and wining scene. Meat & Ale «Metel’» opened in mid April and instantly became very popular among locals and numerous guests of the city. This place has so much to offer that guests with the most different tastes and interest will find for themselves. Metel’ is housed on three floors of beautiful Odesa building and contains spacious area for live gigs, tattoo parlor, «hang over room» with play-station and comfy sofa chairs, book and cinema room and classic bar.
As for the food, Meat & Ale «Metel’» is exactly what it says in its name. The place serves delicious stakes and wide variety of craft beers.
Address: 17, Lanzheronskaya street, Odesa.

Chashka Coffee

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Popular Kyiv cafe Chashka Espresso Bar arrives to Odesa. This cafe offers an unusual selection of coffee and coffee-based drinks, American style desserts and a no-fuss and friendly service. This place takes coffee seriously and offers the best aromatic brews and interesting coffee drinks. Besides classic espresso, ristretto and macchiato, baristas make unusual coffee halva with sesame seeds, double espresso with milk aka flat white and popular in Europe rough-coffee with cream and vanilla sugar.
In the evening the coffee-shop turns into a wine bar, where guests can sample best sorts of white, red and rose.
Address: 10, Ekaterynenska street, Odesa.
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The gastro scene in Odessa is booming. With numerous restaurants opening each new summer season, the selection of options for eating out is impressive.
Photo source: social media accounts of the establishments mentioned in the article. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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