Places to Eat Healthy Food in Lviv

Places to Eat Healthy Food in Lviv

Sometimes we just can't resist and indulge in comfort food — just once, we promise. The fridge becomes stacked with Wok boxes, pizza leftovers and the 'balanced' menu includes mac'n'cheese for the third day in row. The reason to it is often lack of motivation to cook, as tiredness after work has its toll. Worry not — there are plenty spots with healthy food ready to save your nutrition in Lviv. Let's check them out!


The speciality of the SOWA cafe is Belgian waffles: here visitors can taste them not only with sweet flavors like ice cream, chocolate, or banana, but also with healthier options: vegetables, mushrooms, salmon and others. Apart from the gofres, menu includes several soups, salads and main dishes. There are tips to try one of the most beloved dishes: a warm salad with chicken and vegetables. As for the beverages, in addition to classical choice of coffee and tea, SOWA offers lemonades, non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies.
Address: 40, Staroievreiska street

This place calls themselves 'the first Lviv salad café' and certainly offers both nice interior and great menu. Salatat's interior reminds of the minimalist loft with plants and green pots placed here and there, which inspires to keep to the healthy diet. Visitors have an opportunity to order one of 10 salads, prepared fresh from the best ingredients. To name but a few, Caesar, Greek, roast beef salad are among the most popular options. Salatat is also known for its tasty pasta — classic Carbonara, Bolognese, Fungi, Cesaro are among the offers on the menu. Freshly-squeezed juice will make up the whole healthy meal.
Address: 7, Kryva Lypa passage
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Green art café
As the name may suggest, this place is perfect for vegetarians, as it is actually one of the most visited vegetarian spots in Lviv. The menu includes vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free dishes, as well as sweets that do not contain sugar. Green art is especially beloved for its breakfast options: chocolate pancakes with date and raisins, classical Ukrainian syrnyky and grand Alpa Chia bowl of green buckwheat, almond cereals, honey, banana, berries and fruits. Other menu options include corn soup, tofu salad, hummus with crackers, as well as falafel served with couscous and vegetarian burgers.
Address: 5, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street
Щось Цiкаве / Something Interesting

This place is hidden away in one of the downtown's patios. Founded in 2011 by art association "Prostir", Щось Цiкаве stays the only open-air art gallery in Lviv. Nowadays it also works as a cafe, which invites guests since 6 A.M. while touristic Lviv is still sound asleep. Menu here is regularly updated and baked goods are always fresh. Some picks from the menu include peanut butter croissant, vegetable quiche, cocoa with marshmallow and variety of coffee options.
Address: 13, Rynok Square
Power Food
Owners of the place, as well as the chef, took the goal to produce healthy food seriously: they developed a unique menu, where the calories were taken into consideration. Besides, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are balanced in every dish in Power Food restaurant. Cozy atmosphere of the place is perfect for both casual get-togethers with friends as well as romantic dates. So far, visitors have specially noted bruschetta with poached egg, pumpkin paste, cream cheese and cherry tomatoes and latte with soy milk.
Address: 20D, Porokhova street
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Vegano Hooligano
Located in Lviv downtown, this well-known Ukrainian branch of veg food offers relaxing atmosphere and a great variety of dishes. Naturally, every position on the menu is fully plant-based. Known for treating grains and vegetables ‘with respect’, Vegano Hooligano's menu offers marinated tofu sandwiches, signature selection of falafels, green salads, and soups. As for the beverages, a huge variety of smoothies and freshly-sqeezed juices will be a good addition to the healthy meal. Guests can offer food in the cafe or to-go.
Address: 10, Rymlyanyna street
Аґрус / Agrus
This cozy confectionery-café was specially created to satisfy the sweet needs of vegans and vegetarians in Lviv. The menu is dabbed with stickers that help to choose the relevant food – for vegans, vegetarians, raw food eaters, and those who want none or low gluten in their dish. Five types of vegetable milk — sesame, almond, sunflower, hazelnut and coconut — are produced in-house without preservatives, stabilizers and sweeteners. The latest trend of bowls is presented here as well: smoothie bowls with berries, spinach and chocolate are among the most popular positions in the breakfast menu. Tea lovers will find the exquisite flavors in Agrus craft tea collection. Agrus offers delivery and catering services.
Address: 12, Kindrata Ryleyeva street
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Balanced diet and nutrition will not only serve beneficial for the stomach, but for the general state of health and good mood. With the delicious dishes prepared by the masters of deal, it will be as pleasurable as it is helpful for the body.

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