Proper Meat for Picnic from Sam's Steak House

Proper Meat for Picnic from Sam's Steak House

The new service from Sam's Steak House in Kiev is ‘meat-to-take-away’, which is perfect to grab while going on a picnic.

The picnic menu includes proper steaks made out of the finest Ukrainian meat, pork ribs, stewed for 8 hours at low temperature and marinated in different sauces, grilled vegetables with different salsas, chops for burgers, sausages and, of course, branded sauces.

Steaks, ribs, burgers and sausages are going to make a great alternative to the usual barbecues during the summer season or open-air picnics and will become an original way to diversify the menu.

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Each guest of Sam’s Steak House will be able to get restaurant’s recommendations from the chef in terms of cooking steaks on the grill. Moreover, all products from the picnic menu are packed in vacuum for better quality, freshness and convenience. Being very thoughtful, Sam’s Steak House also offers aprons, wood and everything you might need for a relaxing holiday in addition.

Sam's Steak House has improved wet meat maturing technology, bringing it closer to the Ukrainian realities. The technology is in the maturation of meat by filling the walls of meat cells with beef fat, thus preserving the flavor molecules. Afterwards, the properly cut pieces of meat (steaks) are placed in special containers with fat, where the meat matures. This technology is sometimes called ‘natural ripening’: after maturing in fat, the meat grown on the territory of Ukraine can achieve the level of mineral properties and get the taste that is close to the imported meat of famous cattle breeds. Moreover, the beef fat is a natural barrier to bacteria. With this maturation meat fibers break, the meat ‘rests’ and becomes soft. Sam's is the first steak house in Ukraine to introduce this technology brought from Germany, an expert on meat. Sam’s Steak House built professional cold storages for meat maturation. As a pleasant bonus, everyone is welcome to visit the butcher shop or ‘meating room’, where you can see all the stages of meat maturation. These excursions are held every day – after 7pm on weekdays and during the day on weekends.

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However, Sam’s Steak House will please you not only with the finest meat, but also with light stylish interior, rich wine card, culinary workshops, special tapas&bruschetta bar and good offers for breakfast and lunch.

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Grab the steaks and other dishes from the new picnic menu and surprise your family and friends with properly cooked steak while being out in nature! Now it is very easy with Sam’s Steak House!
Address: 37 Zhylianska str., Kiev

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