Public Table Trend in Kyiv Restaurants

Public Table Trend in Kyiv Restaurants

Ever wondered what it's like: to arrive at the big banquet, share the huge long table with hundreds of guests and have chit-chat while tasting delicious meals? Well, now that the trend of public or communal table is growing popular in Kyiv, it is possible to experience. Popular restaurants, bars and cafes have already joined the ride. Let's see how it is done.

The concept of public table is quite simple: a long, large table is located in a fine dining spot, usually in the center of the room, where unfamiliar people can sit next to each other at dinner, breakfast or lunch. Its history dates back to the end of the 18th century, when communtal table was the most popular style of the dining room during the French Revolution. Today, restaurants have modernized the concept and allow the visitors to feel the fusion of historical traditions and contemporary service. Up to date, communal tables are available at the following spots:

One of the first communal tables in Kyiv was installed in Kosatka's first hall, where it stays till nowadays. This cozy city café is one of the most popular locations to gather for any meal. Guests surely come here for the amicable atmosphere of peace during the day, and fun in the evening. The menu list combines the classics of international cuisine and the chef's unique recipes. Here are some of the dishes Kosatka offers to its visitors: cheese croutons with vegetables and tomato pesto, broccoli with nuts and parmesan, mac'n'cheese with bacon topping, lamb seasoned with date, served with couscous and mint. Conveniently, breakfast menu here is available until 6 P.M. 
Address: 25/2, Velyka Zhytomyrska street
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This cafe opened in January and already gained massive popularity in Kyiv's dwellers. The reason for this is, of course, the menu which indeed makes one say "blimey!": classic sweet doughnuts with different fillings and glaze, salty doughnuts, granola bowls, and overshakes all look too delicious to be true. There are tips to try several salty doughnuts: salmon&mustard (salmon filling, cream cheese, arugula and Scandinavian mustard sauce), avocado&mint (avocado, spinach, egg, almonds and mint sauce) and bacon&melted cheese with bacon, cream sauce, cheddar and brie cheese.
Address: 5, Lva Tolstoho street

This chain of Italian cuisine restaurants is made up from already over 150 spots in 30 countries on five continents. Ukraine has also welcomed Vapiano family with restaurants in Kyiv and Lviv. The communal table tradition lies in the concept of the restaurant. Here guests can sit at long oak tables, which serve as an invitation to communicate with friends, family or simply with other guests. Pasta, pizzas, antipasti and salads are ordered directly from the chefs at the individual stations in the middle of the Vapiano. Then, visitors can witness chefs prepare their dishes right in front of them. Vapiano’s pizza dough, sauces and dressings, and pesto are all prepared in-house and made of the finest ingredients. Address: 2A, Baseina street

BAO restaur
The winner of the prestigious SALT award, dubbed as one of the Best Kyiv Restaurants by Tripadvisor, BAO welcomes everyone who wants to explore Pan-Asian cuisine. The authentic Chinese tradition of gathering and sharing meals at one table was well accepted by Ukrainians at this restaurant - by the way, owned by the famous Chief Hector Jimenez-Bravo. The menu here includes but isn't limited to traditional Dim Sum, Wonton and authentic Beijing Duck. The community table is available here every day for lovers of the Asian delicacies. 
Address: 14/1, Mechnikova street
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Title of this bar, as one can guess, is an allusion to the famous director Alfred Hitchcock. What's more, every decade of the man's artistic work has been granted with a bunch of world famous cocktails: from roaring 20's to crazy 60's. A distinguishing feature of the cocktail map is the sherry base, a drink once popular among the British aristocracy that has gained its popularity once again. Another specialty of Hitchcook is quite unusual for Kyiv bars: the take-away option for cocktails. As for the menu, there are tips to try eclairs with chicken liver pate and onion marmalade, Thai shrimps, mozzarella fries with marinated rose sauce, and Nutella cheesecake.
Address: 1A Sportyvna square, ‘Gulliver’ Shopping Mall, 7th floor
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Nevinniy Bar
This simple and elegant place for relaxing get-together with friends in fact combines two spots under one roof: Chashka coffee shop and Nevinniy wine bar. Before 6 P.M., delicious breakfast deals and coffee are the go-to options for order, but after 6 P.M. a red neon glass sign on the door suddenly lights, turning a calm coffee shop into a lively wine bar. These are some positions from the menu to give an idea: brie with dates, figs, cranberries and nuts, chocolate cheesecake with salted caramel, granola yogurt. The wine menu offers German and Italian white wines; French, Australian, Israeli, Italian and Chilean red wines; Spanish and Portuguese fortified wines; Italian rose wine; Spanish and Italian sparkling wines.
Address: 15, Shota Rustaveli street
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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