RybaLOVE Restaurant in Kiev

RybaLOVE Restaurant in Kiev

Dima Borisov’s love for gourmet food inspired him to create the Gastrofamily network of restaurants located in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Each of them has an original concept and specialized cuisine. Unforgettable taste of the sea and a bit of love in each dish waits for you at RybaLOVE restaurant in Kiev!

RybaLOVE (FishLOVE) restaurant in Kiev is all about love as it was opened by the restaurateur Dima Borisov in honor of his wife. Being a specialized place for seafood with European cuisine, it offers a hundred species of chilled sea fish and live seafood in the menu.

Photo: RybaLOVE Official Facebook page
The interior is very stylish and calm, not to distract the guests from the main attraction of the place: big cascading aquariums with crabs and lobsters of different sizes.

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Photo: RybaLOVE Official Facebook page
There are also ice displays with dozens of varieties of chilled sea fish and seafood such as: flounder, parrot fish, scorpion fish, groupers, monkfish, African catfish, octopus, squids, wild shrimps, scampi, shellfish and oysters of different types and species.

Photo: RybaLOVE Official Facebook page
The author's cuisine, private wine and champagne label, digestives and caviar bar help to create the original concept of the restaurant. And, of course, love that can be felt everywhere here contributes to the unique atmosphere of the restaurant.

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Photo: RybaLOVE Official Facebook page
In addition, you can order the food home with the Gastrofamily mobile application and even recharge the electro car near the restaurant!
RybaLOVE restaurant in Kiev is believed to be the best fish and seafood place in Eastern Europe! Check it on your own.

Address: 21-23 Vozdvyzhenska str., Kiev
Contact: +38 097 121 31 31

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