Seafood and Sushi in Kyiv: Steven Fisher Recommends

Seafood and Sushi in Kyiv: Steven Fisher Recommends

Photo Gastronomic culture in Kyiv develops very fast proposing very special places with great cuisine and cozy atmosphere. Steven Fisher, CEO of Citibank Ukraine and Chairman of Board of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and experienced expat in Kyiv shares his favorite restaurants to eat seafood and sushi.

Fujiwara Yoshi restaurant

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Photo Fujiwara Yoshi Website
Mr. Fisher: Fujiwara Yoshi is the only one authentic Japanese restaurant I go to.
Destinations’ review: Its chef YOSHIHIRO FUJIWARA has been spreading the traditions of Japanese cuisine throughout the world for more than 30 years. The secret of success of Japanese cuisine is in the best mix of high quality ingredients, beautiful presentation and respectful attitude both to the product and to the work with it.
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15A, Solomenskaya str. and 11, Dragomyrova str., Kyiv
Mr. Fisher: If I want to eat seafood I go to Reef or Crab’s Burger.
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Reef restaurant
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Photo Reef Facebook Page
Destinations’ review: The architectural style of Reef restaurant can be an immediate indication of its Mediterranean theme. There is no doubt that Reef aims for a new level of gastro sophistication in Kiev. An open kitchen provides a glint of steel, fronted by the water-filled cases of gleaming whole oysters and lobsters. Everything is carefully chosen here — from custom locally made tableware to the stylish utensils.
Address: 16A, Shota Rustavelli street, Kyiv
Crab’s Burger
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Photo Crab's Burger Facebook Page
Destinations’ review: Crab’s Burger restaurant in Kiev is an unexpected combination of tastes that is worth trying out. It is the first Crab House and Seafood Bar in Ukraine with the concept of affordable food and adapted variant of Asian cuisine. The main menu consists of crustaceans: crabs, lobsters and dishes with lobsters, popular seafood, such as oysters and shrimps, along with tartars made of various species of fish, spicy Asian soups and salads with crustaceans. The anchor meals are the legendary black and white burgers with crab and lobster meat.
Address: 21-23, Vozdvyzhens'ka St, Kyiv
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Photo Steven Fisher
Bon appetit!


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