Skvorechnik Cafe and Mini-Hotel in Kyiv

Skvorechnik Cafe and Mini-Hotel in Kyiv

Skvorechnik (“Bird House”) cafe and mini-hotel in Kyiv is a unique location situated right on the bank of Dnipro River on well-known Trukhaniv Island. This is not a common restaurant with tables and chairs – Skvorechnik consists of a few cozy wooden houses fixed on green trees! Here visitors can enjoy a really unusual experience of having tasty and healthy dinner or lunch while almost literally sitting on a spreading tree. In Skvorechnik houses, guests sit on soft pillows and breath fresh air, observing beautiful Dnipro views at a height.

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Skvorechnik cafe was established in 2015, and quickly became a favorite place for many people. The cafe is located on Trukhaniv island in the front of Kyiv historical center. This year, Skvorechnik includes six houses on trees: five of them working as a cafe and one is a mini-hotel. The houses are fixed to trees with help of special technology without using any nails, so they cause no harm for the trees. The hotel house for two persons is equipped with all required furniture and has a nice terrace with view on the river. All houses has comfortable stairs to go up and down. The food and drinks are served right into the houses.
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As for food menu, visitors are welcome to try many delicious and healthy meals of vegetarian cuisine. For example, granola with dry fruits, nuts and berries for a breakfast; beet soup with walnut milk and apple salsa for a dinner; cheesecake with Philadelphia cheese and berries for a dessert. The drinks list does not include alcohol, but provides a plenty of worthy signature drinks. There are a lot of tasty lemonades, teas, coffee and other hot drinks, smoothies, shakes and lassi (yoghurt-based drink). It is recommended to try peach tea, filter coffee or lassi with banana and coconut milk. Skvorechnik menu changes each month, so there is always a chance to taste something new.
The territory of Skvorechnik also includes camping for 20 people with bathroom and shower. There is also a space for holding different events with chairs, tables, hammocks and swings. Skvorechnik often hosts different interesting events, such as concerts, lectures, master-classes, yoga and meditation classes. This is a child- and eco-friendly space, where all guests feel comfortable and relaxed.
Have a new interesting experience and a tasty dinner in Skvorechnik cafe and mini-hotel in Kyiv.
How to reach:
cross Pedestrian bridge, turn to the left and walk 500 meters.
Photo source: Skvorechnik Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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