Smoke on the Water: Kyiv Restaurants on Rivers & Lakes

Smoke on the Water: Kyiv Restaurants on Rivers & Lakes

It’s only fair to take advantage of an easy access to the Dnipro River — various restaurants and cafes open summer terraces where guests can feel a fresh breeze and even enjoy fresh fish caught that very day. Luckily, Dnipro isn’t the only water Kyiv can offer, that’s why various lakes and rivers, often hidden from the public eye, present a chance to chill out and enjoy delicious meals among nature.


Located in a 10-minute drive from the city center, Praha restaurant often gathers families and companies for an open-air weekend. The location astonishes with natural beauty: a vast lake with black and white swans, bushy forest and an old mansion which hosts the restaurant. For those who want to enjoy the water as close as possible, Praha offers a seat on a summer terrace right on the lake. The menu offers dishes from European and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a specially designed kid's menu.
Address: 1, Akademika Hlushkova Avenue
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Samogon Fish Bar

While being physically situated on the Dnipro embankment, Samogon also paves a way to explore the historical Podil district. The restaurant is often called one of the best places to feel the vibe of Odesa in the capital - after all, the menu and interior are styled after Jewish Odesa traditions. This includes fresh seafood caught from the Black Sea: visitors are offered turbot, the Black Sea sprat, horse mackerel, sea snails and mussels in many variations. Authentic drink samogon (moonshine) is served here as well along with traditional Ukrainian nalyvkas.
Address: 25, Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Street
Castle Vydubychi
The restaurant on Pechersk is widely known for being a popular wedding banquet location. The fact is not surprising - an open-air panorama hall and a terrace open a magnificent view on the Motherland monument, Paton Bridge and the left bank of Kyiv. Both are equipped to host up to 100 guests and are often booked for summer weddings. The menu is heavily concentrated on seafood: all dishes are made from fresh products, which guests can witness on the open kitchen. A wine list has more than 20 positions to accompany any dish.
Address: 5, Naberezhno-Pecherska Road
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Hutorets on Dnipro
The two-storey restaurant on Dnipro has a twenty-year history of experimenting with Ukrainian cuisine to find the best dishes and recipes to satisfy the guests. The misconception that Ukrainian cuisine is only borshch and varenyky is quickly ruined here: guests have a chance to try culinary traditions of every region from the Black Sea seafood and Carpathian bograch to the Hutsul banosh and Lviv syrnyky. The open-air terrace on the second floor opens a panoramic view of the Dnipro River.
Address: 10A, Naberezhno-Khreshachatytska Street
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The right bank of Kyiv isn't the only place to have a cozy evening out on a summer terrace - Melange restaurant located on the bank of the Dnipro Bay overlooks the famous embankment of the Obolonsky Lipki. Mélange literally means 'a mixture' and is reflected not only in the name but the restaurant's menu. That's why classical French foie gras with pear and raspberry paté, Italian Carbonara, Thai Tom Yum Kung soup and even Napoleon cake are all carefully prepared here. The restaurant has a children's room and a shop where you can buy desserts or wine to enjoy at home.
Address: 14Г, Heroiv Stalinhradu Avenue
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Well-known among locals Smorodina restaurant pops up right in the bushy haven of a public park. Large panoramic windows that offer the view of the park and Rusanivska embarkment aren't the only show here: the chef prepares various dishes from Mediterranean, Spanish, the Pan-Asian and Ukrainian cuisine on an open kitchen. The process resembles a show thanks to an open flame stove. Steak prepared in a Josper grill is the special dish in Smorodina. The restaurant is located in a 15-minute drive from the center.
Address: 7, Rusanivska Embankment
Скворечник / Skvorechnyk
A hidden gem of Hydropark is Skvorechnyk - a cafe on the trees. The place is literally a kid's dream that came true: cozy houses are located on bushy trees and overlook Dnipro and the right bank of Kyiv and the menu is filled with kid's specials and delicious pizza. Besides, fajitas, homemade pancakes, Belgian waffles, pasta and an array of salads are available for both adults and children. The renewed cafe will be open in June.
Address: Hydropark
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