Soupkultura: Soup in Edible Glass

Soupkultura: Soup in Edible Glass

Soupkultura (“Soup culture”) is a unique Ukrainian project, which has no analogs in the whole world.  The idea of such uncommon street food format came to Kirill Puzenko, a young psychologist from Mariupol city. Kirill has invented creative and distinctive way of serving cream soups in edible glasses made of dough with spices. Soupkultura delicious soups are now available in Kyiv and Dnipro.

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Three years ago, Kirill Puzenko was walking down the streets of Kyiv and wondering where he could get a good soup. He suddenly thought that it would be nice if he could have a soup not in a restaurant, where clients have to wait for their order for a long time, but at some street food spot, where meals are cooked fast and served “to go”. That is how Soupkultura concept was born.
Soupkultura was presented for the first time on the 8th Ulichnaya Eda festival in 2014. The machine, which is used for baking edible glasses, is the first of its kind in the world. It was produced and assembled according to individually developed drawings on one of Ukrainian plants. This machine has been officially patented.
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Soupkultura recipes are inspired by healthy food and Ayurvedic traditions. The dough for glasses does not contain any eggs, therefore Soupkultura is a good choice for vegans. It should be mentioned that Soupkultura is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly in general: all soups do not include any meat. The menu provides many interesting options, such as Turkisn tomato soup, lentil soup, pumpkin and mushroom soups. Depending on time of the year, Soupkultura also offers season soups: bean soup, French onion soup, beet and cucumber soups, gaspacho and signature version of okroshka (cold soup). The assortment includes around 15 recipes, and owners of Soupkultura are always working on new soups. All recipes are a combination of national cuisines of the world and personal experience of Soupkultura cooks. The portions are large (around 500 ml) and very nutritious.
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Most of the soups do not contain potatoes. In general, Soupkultura soups can be considered as dietary food. Even edible glasses are made without eggs and yeast, but with addition of cellulose. By the way, bright yellow color of glasses is explained by addition of turmeric. All glasses are guaranteed to be leakless.
Being a lover of cycling, Kirill Puzenko decided to make Soupkultura a bike-friendly place. Members of Kyiv Cyclers Association and those who visit Soupkultura food spot on a bike are offered discounts.
Soupkultura also provides catering service for interested organizations, offering a large hermetic pot of soup with a small faucet and ready edible glasses.
Nowadays, Soupkultura soups are also available in Poland and Slovakia. The owners of the trademark also plan to win hearts of gourmands in Norway, Spain and France.
Have a unique and tasty dinner at Soupkultura food spots in Kyiv and Dnipro.
Kyiv: 40/2 Volodymyrska street; 36, Velyka Vasylkivska street; 9, Fedorova street; 3, Sagaydachnogo street
Dnipro: 8a, Yevropeyska square
Photo source: Soupkultura Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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