Spots with the Best Chocolate in Kyiv

Spots with the Best Chocolate in Kyiv

Everybody knows that chocolate helps brain to produce hormone of happiness – endorphin. That`s why a piece of good chocolate is one of the best ways to improve one`s mood. Create your good mood by visiting spots with the best chocolate in Kyiv!

Chocolino Sweets Shop
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Chocolino is specialized in making real chocolate pieces of art. This shop produces chocolate of any shape and taste. It is well-known for its special candies made of different types of chocolate with nuts, fruits, marzipan and other delicious additives. There is also a possibility to make an order for exclusive products for a special occasion such as wedding, birthday or corporate party. Chocolino offers chocolate cards, medals, logos, photos and even sculptures! Those who are interested not only in buying, but also in making beautiful sweet confections themselves may participate in Chocolino master classes. Welcome to Chocolino delicious paradise at 1, E. Chavdar str. in Kyiv.
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Lviv Chocolate Factory («Lvivska Maysternia Shokoladu»)

Lviv has always been famous for its sweets and desserts not only in Ukraine, but in the whole Europe. Chocolate masters of Lviv Chocolate Factory use special secrets and technologies to create the most ambrosial taste. Though there are a lot of workshops of this trademark, they all keep to the general principles: chocolate is hand-made, produced only in Lviv using the best European primary products. All ingredients of Lviv Factory chocolate are natural, without any harmful substances. Assortment of Lviv Chocolate Factory includes more than 60 types of chocolate, caramel and crème candies. Chocolate figures, dragee and other products will be a delight for any sweet tooth. Visit Lviv Chocolate Factory in Kyiv at 36 T. Shevchenko boulevard.
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Prodan`s Handmade Chocolate Family Studio

This studio is owned by the whole family of chocolate fans, and all family members are involved in handmade production of their favorite sweets. Any person will find here something special – there are confections for kids and grown-ups, for conservative people and lovers of exotic. The special trend of Prodan`s Chocolate Family Studio is love to experiments – this hard-working family never stops to develop new types of chocolates. They have created even original chocolate pizza! The clients can make an order in Internet and receive products by delivery or get them at 8 Sem’yi Khokhlovykh str., Kyiv.
Rafael Restaurant and Confectionary Boutique
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Rafael is a place for real sophisticated gourmands. This is a French cuisine restaurant united with a little confectionary boutique. Refined desserts of confectionary include tarts, cookies, cakes, marmalade and, of course, fancy chocolates of different kinds. The visitors of Rafael will enjoy not only the wonderful taste of diverse sweet courses, but also the impressive interior design of boutique. The world of French sweetness is waiting for all chocolate lovers at 10 Novoselitskaya str., Kyiv.
Enjoy the taste of pure happiness in spots with the best chocolate in Kyiv.
Photo source:, social network pages of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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