Spovidal’nya Coffee Place in Kyiv

Spovidal’nya Coffee Place in Kyiv

Recently, the fresh trend of combining shopping and coffee places has been becoming more and more popular in Kyiv. Osobnyak shopping space in beautiful Vozdvizhenka district supports the latest tendencies by opening new Spovidal`nya café. 

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The name “Spovidal`nya” is literally translated from Ukrainian as “Confessional box”. The owners of the café say that after a wild Friday night you can visit cozy Spovidal`nya to have a dinner with coffee and to make a confession about your last night`s secrets to a friendly barista.
The coffee spot can boast great location. Colorful buildings of Vozhdvizhenka create unusual lively atmosphere, especially in spring and summer. It is a real pleasure to sit on comfortable summer terrace of Spovidal`nya café, enjoying a cup of coffee and picturesque surroundings.
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The menu of the newly-open café includes classic and signature coffee drinks with cow milk and special vegan options with soy and almond milk. The guests can also try delicious smoothies. As for snacks, visitors of Spovidal`nya are welcome to taste classic croissants, croissants with fillings such as fish, ham and Mozzarella cheese, sandwiches and rolls made of tortilla, appetizing desserts. The visitors may choose seats inside a cozy hall or on a pretty summer terrace just near the entrance of Osobnyak.
The prices for food and drinks are reasonable and inviting. A cup of coffee costs UAH 20–50; the prices for coffee drinks range from UAH 50 to UAH 70; croissants cost UAH 20–60; sandwiches and rolls with different fillings cost UAH 45–80.
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Osobnyak is not just a spot with good coffee and snacks – it is surely worth visiting as a big showroom of Ukrainian designers. This shopping space unites around 40 Ukrainian brands under one roof. Four floors of Osobnyak offer shops with clothes, shoes, accessories and goods for children. Besides, the space includes not only clothes brands, but also other services, for example, WorkDepot — turn-key fast repair of apartments service, ARHIenergy — company specializing on constructing energy-efficient houses, tattoo salon and beauty salon.
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The list of brands represented in Osobnyak includes PLAZH, 7arrowswear, Yastreb Jewelry, ALEXANDRA TOKAREVA.S -cape, Black Peony Lingerie, Matveeva Fine Garment, Nine, MIO Parenti, N&M, Inside U, Te-Shoes, Motrya, Casual, Goldenbrown and other. Each brand has designed its showroom in unique individual style.
Welcome to Spovidalnya café in Osobnyak space to unite wonderful pleasures of life: shopping, excellent coffee and delicious food.
Opening hours: 9 AM – 8 PM
Address: 12г, Kozhum`yatska street
Photo source: Facebook page of Spovidal’nya café. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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