Star Bars in Kiev

Star Bars in Kiev

With an incredible popularity of the Star Wars movies all around the world there is no surprise that this topic is being used almost everywhere. Finally, this trend reached the bar culture in Ukraine with a new place in Kiev.

Star Bars, a new bar in Kiev, based on the Star Wars universe has recently opened on the already familiar for the locals place of the former Pause ‘free space’. The interior has been modified, the range of entertainment has expanded and the rules have changed: now you don’t need to pay for the hours spent, only for the joystick, if you decide to play the Play Station 4 console. The choice of games will let everyone find something suitable: dance with Just Dance, play the guitar with Rocksmith, arrange a kicker tournament and to fight with Mortal Kombat, falling to the good old days.
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Photo: Star Bars
Sticking to the Star Wars theme, there are two side of the bar: the light and the dark ones that correspondently offer non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on the first (opens at 1pm) and the second (opens at 5pm) floor. Both floors are imbued with the atmosphere of Star Wars: glowing tables, the Star Destroyer copy, posters and prints on the walls, drones, full-sized Chewbacca and, of course, the helmets of Darth Vader and the stormtroopers.

Photo: Star Bars
The ‘light side’ of the bar is introduced with so-called liquid breakfasts, which are thick vegetable smoothies, soft drinks, energy shakes, based on Red Bull and fruit mixes, and classic low-alcohols like beer and cider. The ‘dark side’ bar card is a periodic table of the Star Wars motifs, where the cocktails are names after the main characters and planets.

Photo: Star Bars
For the food card, Star Bars offers some small tapas and sandwiches with fried potatoes that also come in vegetarian option.
The Star Bars in Kiev is a ‘must-party’ place in Kiev for both Star Wars fans and those who just want to explore different far away galaxies.

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Address: 69 Volodymyrska str., Kiev

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