Steakhouse Meat Restaurant in Kyiv

Steakhouse Meat Restaurant in Kyiv

Oak, concrete, marble, steel, leather, glass, and of course, excellent meat create an atmosphere of a place with strong masculine character. Welcome to taste the best European cuisine dishes with an accent on meat and wine and to please your eyes with unusual and impressive interior design in Steakhouse Meat restaurant in Kyiv.

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Saveliy Libkin, born 1961 in Odesa, is a Ukrainian restauranteur, who opened many worthy restaurants such as “Dacha”, “Tavernetta” and, of course, famous “Steakhouse. Meat and Wine” in Odesa, which is considered to be one of the best dining places of the city. When you step in the hall of Kyiv Steakhouse, you feel the same attractive charisma as in its twin in Odesa, but also notice that Kyiv restaurant definitely has its own individual charm.
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Steakhouse in Kyiv does not have a sign, so it is not so easy to find the entrance to the restaurant, hidden behind meat store. Denis Belenko, who had been working with Saveliy Libkin for more than 11 years, developed the restaurant interior design. Walls of Steakhouse hall are finished with natural oak wood, taken from three 200-year old mansions. In general, the design is notable for simple geometry, minimalistic décor, industrial ambience and elegant lighting. From the balcony of the second floor, visitors can watch working process of bar and open kitchen. The glass roof of Steakhouse lets sunlight inside the hall in daytime. A large wine rack with three thousand bottles of excellent wine surrounded by olive trees from hot Spain is another attractive feature of the restaurant. Those who love privacy may book a separate hall for six persons with own elevator going down to parking. This hall impresses with massive table made of white granite.
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Steakhouse menu was created by experienced Odesa team headed by brand chef Andriy Velychko. Guests can choose perfectly cook dishes made of lamb, beef, pork and fowl. Do not miss your chance to try such delicacies as Ribeye and T-bone steaks, strip loin, top round beef, lamb backstrap, veal brisket, veal calf fillet. It is also recommended to taste shawarma steak with beet and horseradish, burger with beef harslet and beef belly with pureed pea.
Tasty éclairs with various fillings is another interesting offering. You can choose such delicious fillings as beef brains, cannellini beans humus, smoked salmon and other.
As for salads, you may order salad with vegetables, ponzu and pesto sauces and cilantro, or a salad with grilled eggplant with spinach and Asian sauce.
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Honey cake with black truffle cream or chocolate cake with mint ice cream will be a good choice for dessert.
Do not forget to try some delicious wine from a big collection including the best Ukrainian and foreign wines. There are also many tasty cocktails, great coffee and fresh juices.
The average bill amount in Kyiv Steakhouse is UAH 600.
Steakhouse opens its doors in test mode from October 20, and official opening of the restaurant is scheduled for the end of November.
Address: 49a, Volodymyrska street
Photo source: Facebook page of Steakhouse. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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