Street Food in Odesa

Street Food in Odesa

If you are bored by the posh atmosphere of endless restaurants and want to discover new places with the real vibe of the city, you might want to consider spots that are getting more and more popular in Ukraine each year. Street food and small cafés with take-away option and a whole food market with stalls are waiting for you in Odesa.

Vegano Hooligano

A perfect spot for vegans, the well-known in Kyiv Vegano Hooligano, now resides in Odesa as well. Located in the historical center of the city, the eco-friendly café offers a healthy menu, luring the customers in with a wide variety of creme soups, salads, burgers, and specialities of the house like Falafel Tower you can find only in this cozy corner of Odesa. The mind-blowing burgers of different colors are definitely worth a try. You can enjoy the steet food of choice sitting at the table outside of the café, watching people strolling the streets and observing a wondrous mix of 19th century architecture with modern housing, or choose the take-away. Vegano Hooligano is soon to open two new spots.
Address: 59, Mala Arnautska, Odesa.
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Top Waffle bar
Top Waffle

The most popular treat of this summer, Hong Kong style waffles are now available in Odesa. You can find the waffle bar right on the central street of the city, which provides a perfect option to have a snack in the most famous district before going on with discoveries. Top Waffle bar is a unique place in terms of giving a choice between sweet and savour waffles. As the owners state on their Facebook page, the main principle is customers constructing the waffle themselves – and the cooks delivering expectations with the quick and delicious results. Menu offers to try a classical or spinach waffle as a base, and up to ten toppings, including whipped cream with fruits mix, banana rolls with chocolate and peanuts, salmon, suluguni cheese and chicken. Address: 14, Deribasivska, Odesa.
City Food Market
Food Market

If you are looking for a true variety of choice, consider visiting a true hidden gem of Odesa – City Food Market. Right in the heart of the city on 9A, Ryshylievska street, lies a place perfect not only for foodies, but for music-lovers as well. Six street food stalls and about 12 cafés of different cuisines prove to satisfy the gastronomic curiosity. The Market is a frequent of host of many concerts, which adds to the atmosphere of a bustling life.
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Photo sources: Vegano Hooligano, Top Waffle, Odesa City Food Market Facebook pages, All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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