Summer 2017 Street Food Spots in Kyiv

Summer 2017 Street Food Spots in Kyiv

Summer days people tend to stay outdoors as much as possible, enjoying sunny weather and fresh air. Sometimes it is more convenient to buy some tasty snacks and drinks in a food truck and continue walking around the city than to wait for the order in a restaurant. Let us check out the list of the best summer street food spots in Kyiv, where locals and guests of Ukrainian capital can buy delicious meals cooked in a few minutes.

Bistro Bistro

Bistro Bistro menu delights guests with a wide choice of exceptionally tasty hot dogs. There are four main types of hot dogs here: Latio with carbonara sauce, Bavaria with Bavarian sausage and mustard, Giovanni with Dorblu and gorgonzola and classic New York hot dog. In addition to this, new types of hot dogs are included into menu every season. Spicy Pekin hot dog with milk sausage, oyster and soy sauce, Chinese cabbage, gingili oil and soy sprouts and Batumi hot dog with Bavarian sausage, tkemali, suluguni, pickled onions and walnuts are some of the newest Bistro Bistro specialties. Giovanni and Pekin hot dogs can be cooked by vegetarian recipe without sausages on client`s request. Bistro Bistro administrators promise to add sandwiches and hot dogs with garbanzo cutlets to menu as soon as possible. As for drinks, clients are welcome to order freshly roasted coffee, berry tea and cocoa.
4, Kontraktova square
27/31, Ivana Franka street

Raki&Eklery (Crayfishes&Eclairs) food spot surprises clients with a unique combination of products. Eduard, the founder of this food spot, is sure that crayfish meat is even tastier than shrimps. Raki&Eklery cooks use only natural ingredients, avoiding everything greasy and fried. All sauces here are own-produced. Raki&Eklery offers eight types of éclairs, including three types with crayfish meat, two types with duck meat, one with beef, one with salmon and one with eel. The most popular is Khatate éclair with salad, avocado, flying fish caviar, Japanese mayo, tabasco and sesame. Guests also love Sprut éclair with crayfish meat, mango, cucumber, yoghurt, cheese, cashew and pepper. Other éclairs with duck meat, caramelized apples, cheese and berry sauces, strawberry, Caprese and Camembert are also definitely worth trying.
Address: 1, Nezalezhnosti square, Globus shopping mall
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Vegano Hooligano

Vegano Hooligano is the right place for those who prefer vegetarian and vegan diet as well as for those who just want to taste something new. All meals in Vegano Hooligano are cooked without meat, fish, eggs and milk. Here guests are welcome to try tofu grill sandwich, sandwich with falafel, roll with tofu, tabouli salad, green burger, new potatoes, house special biscuit and ice cream. There is also an option to choose ingredients for a salad depending on your own taste. Drinks menu of Vegano Hooligano includes fresh juices, organic espresso, cappuccino and Americano, cocoa, carob drink, diverse smoothies and detox drinks made of fruits and vegetables.
2, Bessarabska square, inside Bessarabsky market (street food spot)
16a, Kozhum`yatska street (One Planet café)
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Tomato pizza

Tomato pizza is a travelling food truck, which sells tasty pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. It is well-known for its good service and reasonable prices. Tomato pizza owners are ethnic Italian cuisine fans, whose main purpose is to cook and sell high-quality healthy food. Tomato pizza-bar on wheels has an original Neapolitan wood-fired oven inside, which is perfect for cooking the best Italian pizza and panini. The lovers of meat dishes always order Cezar pizza here, while those who prefer vegetarian cuisine tend to choose delicious Four cheeses pizza. Tomato pizza team often holds different contests and sales promotions, so that everyone interested has a chance to win tasty dishes. The food truck regularly takes part in diverse festivals and events. All pizza fans can keep an eye on the current location of Tomato pizza truck using its official Facebook page.

Borschman is a restaurant on wheels, which was named after its own symbolic superhero. This first Ukrainian superhero is created according to Marvel comics style. Borschman embodies true Ukrainian spirit through the prism of American canons. This food truck sells unique meals, which combine Ukrainian and American cuisines traditions. Borschman does not sell real borsch. In this case, borsch is only a symbol of Ukrainian food culture. However, Borschman food spot offers a wide range of worthy dishes. Here guests can order varenyky with potatoes cooked in WOK, burgers in baked potatoes, borsch style burgers and many other meals. Borschman truck has its own Josper oven, used for baking burger cutlets, steaks, potatoes and even bananas. This interesting food truck can be found on diverse festivals and private parties. Those who are interested can easily find out where to look for Borschman food truck, using its Facebook page. Borschman team also plans to establish a stationary food spot in the nearest future.
Taste the most delicious meals at the best summer street food spots in Kyiv.
Photo source:, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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