The First Ukrainian Cider House in Kyiv

The First Ukrainian Cider House in Kyiv

Those who haven’t visited this place have surely heard about it through the grapevine. The first cider house Bilyi Nalyv was opened on Khreshchatyk at the beginning of April and instantly attracted long queues of patiently waiting customers. The reason behind is a delicious menu and price policy — every position here costs UAH 29 (1€). Let’s see what you can get there.

The new hot spot Bilyi Nalyv is located in the heart of the city on Khreshchatyk Street right in front of TSUM department store. Locals easily recognize the title of the place as a popular apple variety, which corresponds to the café’s concept — most dishes and beverages are based on apples.
The menu is quite simple and consists of 5 positions: classic and vegetarian hot dogs, apple and chicken pies, fresh oysters with lemon. The beverages are represented by 3 positions, all based on prime apples: cider, punch, and traditional Ukrainian nastoykas, which is essentially a homemade liquor. Pouring cider here is almost a show — the drink is poured into the glass placed one meter away from the barrel. This way, the drink is saturated with oxygen intensely and develops a rich flavor.
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Apart from the price policy of 1€ for all menu positions, Bilyi Nalyv has one more principle concerning the café’s work: customers receive their order within 3 minutes. The café is pet-friendly and invites visitors along with their pet friends. Despite the place’s incredible popularity, Bilyi Nalyv doesn’t have an option of booking, so the only way to check it out is to drop by uninvited.
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Address: 23A, Khreshchatyk Street
Photo source: Bilyi Nalyv Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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