The New Za#balo Bar in Kyiv

The New Za#balo Bar in Kyiv

One more spicy addition to Podil venues appeared this April and became a thing of legends despite currently working in a test mode. The main reason is, perhaps, the timely and sarcastic nature of the Za#balo bar, where even the title is a concealed swear word. Moreover, 20+ cocktails and a bartender that will listen to you venting about hardships are hard to pass by. Let’s check it all out.

The story behind the new Kyiv venue is painfully and universally recognizable: one of the bar’s creators who spent his days in the office found himself sitting on the Obolon Quay, thinking “I’m f#cking done with all this. Maybe I should go to a bar?” That’s how the title and concept of the Za#balo were created — simple as that (I’m f#cking done - is the meaning of the bar name).
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The owners call it “the first bar-therapist” both for the visitors and staff. Za#balo is a strict no-judging zone, where visitors can share their hardships with a compassionate bartender, and maybe lend an ear in return.
Sure enough, such a concept is hard to imagine without a broad menu: 8 classic cocktails and 10 specials with unique names that contain Ukrainian puns will serve as a good call to upgrade the language skills. Those who hit an especially rough patch might be interested in cocktail sets with speaking titles: “Last night was a mistake”, “Let’s stay friends”, “Dear God, I’m so… done”.
The food is mostly concentrated on burgers, served with fries and sauce. Up to date, guests have a choice of chicken, beef, and salmon. The owners plan to add salads in the menu soon.
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The official opening is planned on the end of April and up to date tired souls can enjoy the bar’s atmosphere from Thursday to Saturday, 6 P.M. — 1 A.M.
Address: 43/23, Khoryva Street
Photo source: Za#balo Bar Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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