The Second Winemaking Forum: Ukrainian Wine Shall Be!

The Second Winemaking Forum: Ukrainian Wine Shall Be!

Ukrainian wineries gathered again in order to discuss the future of the winemaking business in Ukraine. Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, «Ukrainska Pravda» Media Group and «Ukrvinprom» Winery Corporation in association with «Ukrainian Bureau of Grapes and Wines» took part in Second National Winemaking Forum that took place in Kyiv on December 14, 2016.

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Negative factors which restrain the development of the winemaking industry are: the monopolizing of the wine production market, termination of government support, complexity of license receipt, absence of preferential long-term credits, lack of adaptation of legal acts to EU regulations, absence of preferences for the national producer. This conclusion was made by the participants of the Second National Winemaking Forum which was held at the UCCI with over 200 representatives of the industry, from small enterprises to market leaders.
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   «The UCCI continues to pay great attention to working on creating a favorable competitive environment on the winemaking product market, regulation of land relations, deregulation, support of small and medium business development in Ukraine. We hope for approval, in the near future, of the decision to hold a «Wine Festival» in Ukraine. The wine culture and winemaking are an industry with big potential opportunities for production of high-quality Ukrainian wines with old historic traditions. However, lately, due to serious problems, it suffered a significant downturn. Nearly a year has gone by since the First Forum. As a result, one of the most pressing issues was solved – owing to joint efforts the license for wholesale and retail trade of wine products for products by producers who use their own grown raw material was abolished! At the same time, the process of reforms still continues inactively, some important issues are not solved. The Forum will help representatives of the industry to consolidate forces so that, with the help of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, more actively promote their own interests in state government bodies», - said Gennadiy CHYZHYKOV, President of the UCCI.

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In the opinion of the Forum participants, the following are necessary for increase of competitiveness of the industry: government support, creation of a program of development of areas under grapevine plantations, implementation of European rules, promotion in expansion of the geography of delivery of Ukrainian wine products, fixation of rent rates for land use under perennial cultures, saving of the preferential VAT regime, prudent predictable policy on issues of excise tax on alcohol, creation of a joint brand «Ukrainian Wine» etc.
By results of the Forum all proposals will be summarized and sent to state government organs.

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