Top-3 Ukrainian cafes with goodies in Kyiv

Top-3 Ukrainian cafes with goodies in Kyiv

Lvivsky pliatsky (is translated as Lviv Pie)

In Lviv every housewife knows how to make famous cheese cake and strudel but every woman adds something special to recipe and improves it in her own way, keeping the secret ingredient in family and passing it on from generation to generation.
Strudel got to Galicia (western part of Ukraine) in time when it was Austrian territory. Emperor Franz Joseph liked to eat apple strudel with vanilla sauce and coffee. The ability to make a strudel was a big plus for a lady who wanted to get married because the process of making strudel was not simple at all. The dough had to be so gentle and transparent that it could be possible to read through it.

Now all sorts of traditional pies are an integral part of the Galician gastronomic culture. “Lvivsky pliatsky” has selected the best recipes of Lviv housewives and now makes them in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsy, Dnipropetrovsk.
Kyiv: 10 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Str., 22a Saksaganskoho Str., 22D Poliarna Str., 5 Spaska Str.
Lviv Chocolate Factory (Lviv handmade chocolate)

It is a unique place in Ukraine. All chocolates are hand made with great care by skilled artists who make sure that they produce not only chocolate but also emotions and feelings for their customers.
Since Medieval Times Lviv has been well known for its "delicious confectionery” and starting from the 19th century the city started to explore chocolate. Traditional production technology of old times nowadays is used at Lviv Chocolate Factory.


And every time when someone opens a box with the "chocolate" sign of Lviv Chocolate Factory a smile appears on his(her) face.
You can eat chocolate every day, seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Kyiv: 45 Gorkogo (Antonovycha) Str.; 21 Khreschatyk Str.; 2B Andriyivsky Uzviz; 36 Taras Shevchenko Avenue
Galitsky Strudel
Long time ago Mr. and Mrs. Steiner, an Austrian family, lived in a small but cozy apartment somewhere in Lviv. It was a special family. Every morning Mrs Steiner liked to begin with cup of black coffee, sitting in a comfortable chair, reading a book and waiting for her husband to bring a platter with slices of wonders that the Austrians called Strudel.

Mr. Steiner had a passion for pastry. He used for cooking only the best flour with high gluten content. And he rolled the dough so thinly that his wife could read morning newspaper through it. In those moments when Mr. Steiner conjured in the kitchen he always opened a window. Once, looking out into the street, he noticed something unusual: pedestrians, usually being in a hurry, stopped for a moment and, meditated and dreamt, inhaling the flavor of baking. So Mr. Steiner and his wife originated brilliant idea.


Together they decided to open their own coffee shop, where all the inhabitants of their city could enjoy specialties and taste unrivaled strudel that Mr. Steiner earlier had made only for his beloved wife. Mr. Steiner was very kind and generous person, so everyone who ordered a slice of strudel got a cup of coffee almost for free. This was the beginning of good family tradition, and since then the famous strudel recipe passed on from generation to generation and came down to us.
Anyone can try this delicious strudel at 18 Saksahanskoho Str., Kyiv


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