Top Restaurants of Ukrainian Cuisine in Kyiv

Top Restaurants of Ukrainian Cuisine in Kyiv

Often tourists and even city dwellers overlook local cuisine in favor of more exotic restaurants that are abundant in Kyiv. However, not many people know that Ukrainian cuisine is much more than just borsch and varenyky. We gathered top restaurants in Kyiv that introduce the full spectrum of Ukrainian dishes from the traditional Carpathian cheese to delicious Odesa seafood.


A winner of a prestigious culinary SALT award, BARVY is located right near the Klovska metro station. The menu here is full of classics like traditional salo, Danube herring with mashed potatoes or red borsch to introduce the first-timers to Ukrainian cuisine. Those who want something more intricate are offered specialties from various regions from Transcarpathia and Galicia to Bukovina, as well as highlights from Odesa and the Crimean Tatar cuisine. To name but a few, Carpathian grilled trout, veal liver with banosh and traditional green borsch often served in summer are one of the most popular picks. The restaurant has an open-air summer terrace and a large indoors hall with neutral interior.
Address: 3, Mechnykova Street
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Sho restaurant, located in the premises of the former Poliana wine shop, is one more spot to indulge in delights of Ukrainian cuisine near the Klovksa metro station. Being a newcomer in the capital hasn’t stopped Sho from becoming one of the most popular local cuisine spots right away. Thus, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page, the opening day started with 20 kg of varenyky with cherries, 93 portions of cabbage rolls, 32 kg of the Olivier salad, and whole 100 liters of red and green borsch. The special is homemade pickles, which usually are brought on the table during various holidays in Ukraine. Besides, visitors are welcome to enjoy traditional potato pancakes deruny, crêpes with sweet and savory fillings, as well as homemade bread.
Address: 18, Mechnykova Street
Остання Барикада / The Last Barricade
Dmytro Borysov is known for being a trendsetter in Kyiv fine dining scene: Bilyi Nalyv café that sells hot dogs, cider and oysters for UAH 39 has instantly become a major success among locals and tourists. The Last Barricade opened under the glass dome of Globus shopping mall follows the tradition — any drink here can be bought for UAH 19 or UAH 29. The menu is made from exclusively Ukrainian dishes: for instance, cold appetizers like pickled and sour vegetables, varenyky, more than 10 types of Ukrainian cheese and, of course, sweet Kyiv cake. There are tips to try homemade liquors nalyvkas from Lviv, as well as craft Ukrainian beers. The bar is pet and kids-friendly.
Address: 1, Maidan Nezhalezhnosti
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Samogon Fish Bar
While Ukrainian cuisine is traditionally associated with dishes from the central regions, Southern influence is without doubts strong as well. Samogon Fish Bar located on Podil is often called one of the best places to feel the vibe of Odesa in the capital thanks to the Jewish Odesa traditions that inspired the interior and menu. The place is heavily focused on seafood: visitors are offered turbot, the Black Sea sprat, horse mackerel, sea snails and mussels from the Black Sea. Dishes from the Gold Menu are cooked exclusively from the local Ukrainian products. Samogon bar offers an authentic moonshine, which inspired the bar’s name, as well as traditional Ukrainian nalyvkas.
Address: 25, Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Street
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Located on the picturesque Andriyivsky Descent, Kanapa restaurant opens the world of pre-revolutionary Ukraine with its location choice, interior and menu. The restaurant was opened in a 1905 building and preserved the original 19th-century brick walls, topped with stylish chandeliers. A cozy summer terrace is available here for those who want to enjoy the meal with a view. As the name suggests, kanapka, or a small sandwich, is the main menu position here. The special offer that works from 3 to 6 P.M. gives a chance to taste all types of kanapkas for free while ordering any bottle of wine. The dessert section has options for the adventurous eaters like candies with fermented garlic or smoked salo. The restaurant is pet-friendly.
Address: 19, Andriivs'kyi Descent
One of the first Ukrainian cuisine restaurants in the capital, Pervak offers a trip to the 20th century Ukraine. There are 8 halls with unique interior and setting, named after significant locations like Left and Right Khreshchatyk, Old Lviv and Besarabka. The latter is especially famous for live music in the evenings and cozy atmosphere for a tête-à-tête meeting. All classics of Ukrianian cuisine, as well as the lesser known dishes are available here for reasonable price.
Address: 2, Rohnidynska Street
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Спотикач / Spotykach
One of the most visited restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine in Kyiv, Spotykach located near Saint Sophia Cathedral is styled after 1960s Ukraine. The menu is full of traditional cuisine options to introduce the first-timers in Ukraine: borsch, cabbage rolls, home-made sausages, sweet and sour varenyky, as well as various dishes from meat and fish served with a variety of homemade sauces. The restaurant prides itself with a special cocktail Kyiv Chrysanthemum based on Gin, Martini, melon syrup and fresh lemon. Spotykach offers a chance to play checkers with homemade liquors and cheese, as well as rum and chocolate.
Address: 16, Volodymyrska Street
Finally, a cozy spot in Pechersk offers the classics of Ukrainian cuisine from homemade salo and cabbage rolls holubtsi to potato pancakes deruny and traditional borsch. The specialty of the place is varenyky — Petrus-ь has 13 types of Ukrainian dumplings, suitable for meat lovers and vegetarians. Waiters can help to choose the best homemade liquor to accompany the dish. There is a separate section of assortments for big companies: a big pickle plate, Carpathian mushrooms, homemade cheese and salo. The wine list offers red, white and sparkling wine made in Ukraine.
Address: 28, Esplanadna Street
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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