Tsypa Taphouse: Hutsul Craft Brewery in Kyiv

Tsypa Taphouse: Hutsul Craft Brewery in Kyiv

Golden Gate district welcomes a new and already popular beer spot – Tsypa Taphouse. This bar, hidden away in the quiet alley, tempts its visitors with one of the best craft beers in Ukraine. Namesake of the bar, Tsypa brewery originally located in Zakarpattia, is the main caterer. Let's find out what's so special about it!

Hutsul brewery "Tsypa" was founded three years ago in Kvasy village – a picturesque dot on the map of Hutsul region. This is the place where masters combine centuries-old Carpathian brewing traditions and cutting-edge technologies — German Braumeister. Tsypa adheres to the canons of craft beer making — no less than 50% malt for the drink — and imports the best malt, hops and yeast from Germany and Czech Republic. Naturally, something has to make the product stand out from the crowd: original Hutsul flavors, such as blueberry, Carpathian herbs or spruce branches do the thing.
Thus, numerous kinds of beer go all the way from the Carpathians to Kyiv, and introduce the public to its variety of flavors. For instance, there are two types of Ale, several types of Black and Stout and the whole four India Pale Ale flavors from Tsypa. Taphouse also offers other breweries' products, sure of their quality — thus, one can find Velke Popovice Kozel and Plzensky Pilsner to taste the classics. Moonshine made from beer, or Pyvovytsia, is available here for adventurous souls. Guests are also offered exclusive Cider on Blueberry and Oak Cider in bottles.
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The menu presents a fusion of American, European and Ukrainian cuisines. Various dishes made from chicken, such as strips, meatballs, wings fried in different sauces, a whole section of hot-dogs and burgers, and salads are just a tad of the bar's menu. There are tips to try Hutsul hazel grouses from the brand-chef Dmytro Taukishev — fried frog legs with garlic cheese sauce.
Apart from this, traditional Ukrainian salo takes up a whole separate section and presents an opportunity to those who haven't tried it yet. The bar is opened from 1 P.M. to 1 A.M. It is best to book a table beforehand on Ципа Taphouse Facebook page.
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Photo sources: foodiesfeed.com, Ципа Taphouse Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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