TUCC dinner in Marokana Restaurant in Kyiv

TUCC dinner in Marokana Restaurant in Kyiv

The Ukrainian Connoisseur Club was founded by a Kyiv businessman Terry Pickard over 15 years ago, paving a true way of reflecting the quality of local restaurants. Regular events of the club take place at various fine dining spots, and this time TUCC chose a fusion cuisine restaurant Marokana.

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After the highly successful trial dinner held last week, TUCC was looking forward to the grand event at the Marokana Restaurant.
The meal started with the appetizers: the very special Casablanca Sushi rolls were served and very positively received by the Connoisseurs. Almost every member of the Club gave this course full mark. The Argentinian Chardonnay selected by sommelier Natalie enhanced the dish very well. Then, a very tasty chicken curry served with couscous in individual tamarinds followed sushi. The dish perfectly matched with another Chardonnay, this time from Chile.
For the main course the diners had a free choice of 3 dishes: Ukrainian beef fillet served with potato gratin, vegetables and a Roquefort sauce; sea bass fillet with vegetables and a gentle spinach sauce, or duck breast with vegetables and Moroccan dried fruits in a cherry sauce. Chilean Sauvignon Blanc Reserva served for the fish was perfectly chilled, while a Chilean Carmenere Reserva, served for the meat dishes, was left non-chilled, according to the cuisine rules.
Finally, for dessert TUCC tried Nut Nougat - a trio of sweets served with Madeira, naturally, brought from the island of Madeira and deemed excellent by the Club members.
To finalize the evening, TUCC Chairman Terry Pickard presented the Carte Blanche General Manager Natasha Voloshina a birthday cake with 25 candles (which she successfully blew out with one puff) and a bouquet of yellow roses, which of course needed no blowing. The Connoisseurs gave a strong rendition of Happy Birthday in the spirit of festive atmosphere.
The next event by TUCC will be a Special that will take place on April 18. The chairman Terry Pickard will present his own menu of English cuisine in Va Bene restaurant, which will include fish and chips, as well as mushy peas, drizzled with malt vinegar together with other English delights. You can follow the latest new about Club's events on their Facebook page.
Photos provided by TUCC.

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