Ukrainian Makers of Vegan Candies

Ukrainian Makers of Vegan Candies

Many of us, kids and adults alike, love candies. Luckily, there are vegan brands and makers in Kyiv who produce 100% percent vegan and cruelty free candies and desserts and «Destinations» will tell you where to look for them.

Unfortunately, a lot of candies on the market contain animal products, namely gelatin that comes from animal bones, beeswax which comes from beehives, shellac from the lac bug and carmine which is a beetle that is crushed to make the color red. That’s right, when you’re not eating vegan candies, you’re likely eating bugs and bones. For all the nature-conscious  sweet tooths among us we rounded up the list of local brands making 100% vegan candies, marmelades, chocolate and other sweet treats.

Natural Homemade Sweets is an indie Kyiv brand that offers all vegan and hand-made candies, chocolate paste and chocolate sweets. Since hand-made, they can be personalized, can be made into any design, and customers have dozens of flavors to choose from. The most important element of this brand is the process of making the candy. It’s all about experience and unique recipes gathered in different countries and that makes their candy different from any other candy in the market today. Check out Natural Homemade Sweets web page or place an order at their Facebook page.

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, one more brand, offers a great selection of vegan marmalades and jelly candies. All their products are made without beeswax, gelatin, insect-derived "confectioner's glaze" or any other animal-derived ingredients commonly found in jelly candies. Check out their on-line shop or look for Lakomstva candies, pastille and chocolate at the local supermarkets.

raw vegan sweets

Frutalina is Ukrainian brand offering vegan marmalades, candies and gummy sweets. All the sweets are naturally flavored and include 100% of Vitamin C per serving and are perfect for lunch bags, after school or for anytime enjoyment. Drenched with fruit flavor, and made with organic sweeteners and organic fruit juice Frutalina candies are fun for everyone. Check out the variety of favorite fruit flavors in their on-line shop.


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Agrus is a vegan food brand that offers handmade vegan and vegetarian sweets and snacks. They make sensational vegan chocolate and protein bars, cookies and cakes perfect for quick healthy bites. You can purchase their products at Agrus Coffeeshop in Lviv (30/1, Virmenska street, Lviv) or place an on-line order on their Facebook page.
Photo source:, Facebook pages of the abovementioned brands. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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