‘Ulichnaya Eda’ Eastern Europe Cuisine Edition

‘Ulichnaya Eda’ Eastern Europe Cuisine Edition

Photo: Ulichnaya Eda web page‘Ulichnaya Eda’, the most popular Ukrainian street food festival, invites you to visit Platforma Art Zavod in order to enjoy October’s first warm weekend and taste some authentic Eastern Europe cuisine.

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Once a small, local food festival, now ‘Ulichnaya Eda’, has grown into a must visit event for all the local foodies and Kiev guests. Previous summer editions of the festival gathered the unbelievable number of 35 thousand guests over a single weekend.
The gastronomic theme of the October festival is Eastern European and Ukrainian cuisine. ‘Ulichnaya Eda’ offers to experience a wide range of gastronomical emotions from well-known and beloved dishes from all regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries.
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Photo: Ulichnaya Eda web page
Right at the entrance all the guests will emerge into real atmosphere of authentic Ukrainian trade fair. This setting is inspired by «Sorochynskyy Yarmarok» («Sorochynskyy Fair»), the Ukrainian literature classics story by N. Gogol portraying rich and interesting trade fairs traditions in Ukrainian culture.

‘Ulichnaya Eda’ invited leading artisan food and drinks brands, indie manufacturers and popular local farmers to present a variety of cheeses, honey, dairy goods, meats, drinks, liqueurs and digestifs.


Photo: Ulichnaya Eda web page
The dress code for the fest is Ukrainian vyshyvanka, a traditional embroidered shirt or garb. All the guests who keep to the dress code will get a special treat from the organizers.

The real highlight of the ‘Ulichnaya Eda’ festival will be the «varenyky» (Ukrainian dumplings also known as «pierogi») making area. Hosted by Ukrainian-cuisine restaurant «Balovana Galya» («Spoiled girl, named Galya»), this area will be dedicated to «varenyky» making techniques from different parts of Ukraine, where visitors will have a chance to learn more about this iconic Ukrainian dish, explore how «varynyky» differ at various parts of the country and learn how to cook them.

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Photo: Ulichnaya Eda web page
In case you have just heard of legendary Ukrainian «borschtsch» but never tried it, or would like to refresh that gastronomic experience in your memory, ‘Ulichnaya Eda’ festival is a place to be. Here you will have a chance to sample different variations of legendary Ukrainian dish, as «borschtsch» recipes greatly vary in the different parts of the country.

The cuisine of Eastern Europe is a blend of hearty peasant dishes - groaning bowls of steaming dumplings, sauerkraut perfuming the air, beet soup striking a colorful pose -- alongside elegant gourmet offerings like precious little appetizers and fancy tortes. The Eastern Europe gastronomic scene will be presented by foods and dishes from Belorussia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Czech Republic.
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Photo: Ulichnaya Eda web page
Our web Destinations.com.ua suggests you to celebrate autumn's onset with the most fabulous food experiences you can imagine and the authentic atmosphere of Ukrainian folk fair at ‘Ulichnaya Eda’ food festival in Kiev that will be held on October 1st - 2nd at Platforma Art-Zavod, 1 Belomorska str.


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