Vegan Spots Worth Visiting in Kyiv

Vegan Spots Worth Visiting in Kyiv

While the Western world takes veganism very seriously and every city has an exciting array of animal-free foods on offers, Kyiv still has a long way to go. However there are some amazing vegetarian and vegan options in the capital of Ukraine to attend and the trend is surely growing. We share with you a list of popular «green» restaurants and cafes in Kyiv.


One of the very few raw vegan places in Kyiv. NEBO’s is a raw vegan fast-food place, which offers freshly prepared dishes from the unprocessed vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and nuts. The menu features a wide selection of smoothies, fresh juices, salads, soups and desserts.
Address: Besarabs’ka Square, Metrograd Trade Center, second floor.
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This is more than just a vegetarian restaurant, TRI is a multi-functional concept space that offers a wide selection of activities to all its visitors. Here guests can enjoy delicious vegetarian food from the fresh bar and buffet and indulge themselves in some creativity at the family center located downstairs. TRI aims at creating the general atmosphere of the space that would be admired and liked by the visitors who mainly are vegans and vegetarians and share same life values and interests.
Address: 15/3 Gonchara street (entrance through Stritenska street) Kyiv.

Imbir (Ginger)

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This is a friendly vegan cafe in Kyiv downtown. Imbir provides light breakfasts, lunch food and a selection of sweets. The interior is light and very cozy. This place offers a great selection of books you can browse through while dining. The enduring popularity of this Indian vegetarian restaurant is a marvel in fickle Kyiv, where so many restaurants open and close in a blink. Here guests can enjoy a great selection of Indian food in Kyiv with their friends and family.
Address: 7, Zhylyanska street, Kyiv.


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This is one more raw vegan place in Kyiv, which also offers vegan dishes with minimal thermal processing (perfect for those who is making the transition from vegan to raw vegan). All the dishes are prepared from the ecological mostly locally grown vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, herbs and seeds.
Addrress: 32, Esplanadna street, Kyiv.
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One Planet

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This is a small cozy vegan restaurant offering a good selection of vegan food. The falafel cooked at One Planet is particularly delicious and received many positive reviews on social media. Here guests can order vegetarian breakfast, lunch or dinner to go.
Address: 16A, Kozhynyats’ka street, Kyiv.

Vegano Hooligano

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Vegano Hooligano offers relaxed atmosphere and a great selection of dishes that will impress most spoiled vegans. All the dishes on the menu are fully plant-based. Known for treating grains and vegetables ‘with respect’, its menu is full of marinated tofu sandwiches, signature selection of falafels, green salads, and soups. All the products used for preparing dishes in Vegano Hooligano restaurants originate from different parts of Ukraine, - says Rudolf Krayevskyy, the owner of the restaurant chain, - the bread comes from Kyiv vegan bakery, vegetables are delivered from Odesa region eco farm.
Address: 2, Besarabs’ka Square (Inside Food Market), Kyiv.
Photo source:, Facebook pages of all abovementioned restaurants. All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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