Warm salad with scallops, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms

Warm salad with scallops, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms

Together with Vladimir Bolibrukh, chef in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv and VOGUE Café Kiev, we will prepare a salad with green beans, mushrooms and scallops. The main products are: marinated paprika, boiled mushrooms, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, scallops and oyster sauce. It is meatless salad.

90g scallops
40g dried tomatoes
80g white mushrooms (fresh or frozen)
15g sunflower oil
7g salad mix
70g pickled pepper
60g green beans
20g olive oil
2 to 3 cloves of garlic
30g oyster sauce
5g cherry salad
1 g salt, spices
10g walnut oil

Ingredients for oyster sauce:
80g "Unagi" sauce
35g soy sauce
25g wine vinegar
35g olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
4g rosemary
30g lime
25g balsamic vinegar
10g sugar
2g salt

Cooking method:
We put on food handling gloves and start cutting the products. Boiled mushrooms should be chopped with big pieces. Chop the garlic on slices. Chop sun-dried tomatoes and pickled peppers. In a frying pan fry the scallops, take them out and in the same pan fry the vegetables in the following order: mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, garlic, pickled peppers.
Prepare the oyster sauce.
Combine "Unagi" sauce with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, olive oil, chopped garlic, chopped rosemary, fresh lime juice, balsamic vinegar, salt. Mix everything,
Salad serve in a plate for spaghetti, pour on a plate oyster sauce in the shape of a spiral, then use the ring to lay fried vegetables. On top put scallops. Decorate the salad with mikrogrin peas and chips.
Bon Appetit!

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