Weird Ice Cream Flavors to Taste in Kyiv

Weird Ice Cream Flavors to Taste in Kyiv

In case your taste buds have got bored of basic mint chocolate chip and cookie dough scoops, «Destinations» gathered together a list of Kyiv bars and restaurants which offer unconventional and even weird ice cream creations.

CHI Restaurant in Kyiv has its own point of view not only in terms of standard Chinese and Indian cuisine dishes but on western food traditions as well, this attitude also refers to ice cream. This summer CHI offers ice cream sets which include 5 different freshly made sorbets. The set includes 3 not so exotic ice creams: coconut-raspberry, lemon-banana-mango; lavender ice cream with white and dark chocolate with fresh strawberry as well as 2 quite peculiar kinds : cherry-chocolate with chili pepper and green matcha. 
Address: 16A, Parkova Doroga, Kyiv.

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Umka is probably the most popular ice-cream parlor in Kyiv. The selection of ice cream flavors at Umka is impressive. This summer among all the traditional and well established flavors, Umka offers something very special: gorgonzola and red wine ice cream flavors.
Address: 6, Kostolna Street, Kyiv.

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Black ice cream is not a new phenomenon, but it's suddenly the hottest food craze in Kyiv. The craze began last summer, at an ice-cream shop in New York City called Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. And when the Los Angeles shop Little Damage opened earlier this year, selling charcoal-infused soft serve, the frenzy hit a new level. The dark-hued treat is now available at Zheltok diner chain with 5 locations around Kyiv.
Address: 11, Lva Tolstoho street; 61, Volodymyrska street; 8/2 Rusanivska Naberezhna; 37/1, Yaroslaviv Val; 1/2, Spasskaya street.

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Vodka Grill bar in Kyiv offers its signature take on classic Italian gelato, offering blue curaçao ice cream flavor as this summer’s special. Vodka Grill is known for its parties and exceptionally jolly atmosphere, so their signature dessert should be just the same: bright, interesting and with a fun twist.

Blue Moon Ice Cream

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We've put together a list of Kyiv’s ice-cream parlors serving unconventional and sometimes even weird gelato flavors. These are capital's best places for ice creams adventures and new discoveries of this summer.
Image source:, Facebook pages of businesses mentioned in the article. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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