Where to Find Delicious Ice Cream in Kyiv

Where to Find Delicious Ice Cream in Kyiv

Summer is promptly approaching and various pop-up ice cream stalls flood the whole city. Apart from the street and to-go options, there are tested cafés that serve the best natural ice cream with unusual flavors from classic pistachio to the popular lately salted caramel. Often such spots aren’t too obvious and catchy, so it’s high time to fix the situation.

Val de Val

The leading ice cream spot in Kyiv, Val de Val is known for only natural ingredients and freshness - portions of ice cream are kept here only for 10 days. Any various additives and artificial flavors aren't used here, that's why scoops of delicious dessert are safe for children. The flavors range from classics like chocolate and pistachio to more exquisite options like basil, dried apricots, coffee, and sea-buckthorn. The cafe offers various coffee drinks to top the dessert.
Address: 51, Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street
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Another popular Ukrainian ice cream is available in a cozy cafe 5 minutes from Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Without doubts, Umka products are one of the most frequently bought homemade ice creams in the summertime and even in winter, when the cravings of locals ask for the beloved treat. Production in Umka is lead by an Italian specialist having 30-year experience. Visitors will find unusual and fresh flavors: pineapple, raspberry, carrots, salted caramel and, of course, chocolate.
Address: 6, Kostolna Street

The broad choice of Italian ice cream - frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbetto gelato - is represented in Kyiv in Yogorino and Frogurtino chain. The stalls popped up several years ago in the major shopping malls and ever since became one of the most beloved options among city dwellers. Yogorino products are made on the basis of the prime Italian yogurt and skimmed milk, providing a slightly sour taste. An array of toppings from berries, nuts to syrups, sprinkles and even gummy bears are available to make the dessert customizable and unique.
Address: 7, Mechnykova Street; stalls in Ocean Plaza, Sky Mall, Blockbuster shopping malls
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The technology behind fried ice cream is easier than it sounds: the milky ingredients are 'fried' on a special stove, which molds the chosen flavor and toppings into a single mass. Then, the ice cream is scooped in stripes and served ready to eat. The flavors here are mostly fruits like mango, apricot, peach, and bananas. As for the toppings, M&M's are by far the most popular choice in Frice. The ice cream stalls often pop up on the famous food festivals like Ulichnaya Eda, as well as entertainment fests in Expocenter of Ukraine. Frice posts a detailed schedule and locations on their Facebook page.
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Panna Pasticceria

Located on Sofiiska Square right near the InterContinental hotel, this spot offers an Italian getaway in the center of Kyiv. The main focus here is placed on desserts: more than 80 Italian classics, eclairs and cookies. Surely, ice cream is a huge part of the menu as well. Guests will find sorbets, ice cream cakes and gelato. The latter is managed by an Italian chef to ensure the best recipes and taste. In Panna Pasticceria any ice cream can be served in a brioche. A cozy terrace is available for the visitors to enjoy the treats outside.
Address: 6/11, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street
True Burger Bar

Despite the tell-tale name, this popular restaurant has intriguing dessert options. True Burger offers one of the most unusual flavors - bubble gum. The more familiar options like raspberry yogurt, berries, chocolate or strawberry and whipped cream are also available here. Besides, there's an option of ordering Belgian waffles with ice cream: the blue cheese flavor and sweet&spicy pear on top or with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and Cherry Brandy.
Address: 42, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street
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Milk Bar
Finally, finding the perfect scoop of dessert is possible in the gem of Shota Rustaveli Street - Milk Bar. Here ice cream is served with an array of delicious cakes: for instance, sticky toffee pudding, cheesecake and chocolate flourless cake. As the cafe's name suggests, there's a variety of milk products to accompany the dessert like lemongrass milkshake, lavender-chai latte and morning smoothie with banana, spinach and coconut milk.
Address: 16, Shota Rustaveli Street
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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