Where to Find Raw Food Restaurants in Kyiv

Where to Find Raw Food Restaurants in Kyiv

Nowadays, healthy lifestyle has already become a popular trend, so more and more people are getting interested in unusual vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets. Whether you are an experienced raw food gourmand and a yoga enthusiast, or have never tried anything different from ordinary menu and wish to discover new healthy and delicious cuisine, you are welcome to visit dining places in Kyiv that keep to raw food concept. Let`s get to know where to find raw food restaurants in Kyiv.


This dining spot, located in Podil historical district of Kyiv, delights with calm atmosphere and friendly hospitable staff. Kolo restaurant offers its guests appetizing healthy meals of vegan plant-based cuisine. Kateryna, the chef of the restaurant, is an experienced professional who uses Western traditions of cooking vegan dishes. Kolo is a great location to have a lunch break or to arrange a friends` meeting. You will definitely enjoy unusual vegan coffee and mélange chocolate made by special recipes. It is also highly recommended to taste oatmeal porridge with chia, vegan borsch and sushi, bruschetta with vegan cheese. Delivery on the territory of Podil is free!
Address: 20, Illyinska street
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This cozy restaurant can surprise even experienced healthy food fans. As for breakfast, you may choose own-made oat flakes, oatmeal pancakes or baked apples. Apple and orange pie, quesadilla with pumpkin and lens, raw food soup made of beet, avocado and mint, rolls with Carpathian mushrooms and chia caviar, vegetable salad with wakame will also be a good choice. The place has its own fresh bar with cold-pressed smoothies, organic teas, cocktails with nut milk and fragrant coffee.
Address: 15/3, Olesya Gonchara street
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Imbir` Literature Cafe
This atmospheric café in the center of Kyiv offers vegetarian dishes cooked according to ancient Ayurveda principles, so all dishes are made not only without meat and milk products, but also with no mushrooms, onions and yeast. Here you can enjoy the best vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes as well as learn more about Vedic traditions. The menu includes variety of porridges, salads, soups, sugar-free sweets. The most dishes are made of vegetables, beans, dry fruits, paneer and tofu. It is recommended to taste own-produced yoghurt, humus with fresh vegetables and Indian crackers, coconut soup with rice noodles. There is no alcohol over here, but you may order herbal and berry tea, smoothies and other non-alcoholic drinks. 
Address: 7, Zhylyanska street
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Nebos restaurant has been established 4 years ago, and since then it has been always pleasing visitors with high quality of service and food. The restaurant, located in the very heart of capital, has several halls: for business meetings, romantic dates, family dinners. This conceptual location is famous for its wide assortment of unique signature healthy dishes. Nebos is often visited by rawtarians, vegans, those who keep to religious fasting, people preferring gluten-free meals, sportsmen and many others. Do not miss your chance to taste raw cabbage rolls with sour cream, burrito with falafel, green buckwheat with pesto sauce and many other appetizing options of menu.
Address: 3/4 Mala Zhytomyrska street
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Ayurveda Cafe
This Vedic café is a part of a yoga studio, and many people from the city yoga community are frequent visitors here. All delicious dishes in Ayurveda café are made of fresh products only and are kept no longer than 4 hours, so after 8 PM the café starts to sell all dishes with discount. However, prices at the café are anyway very reasonable. As for the best food options, you might wish to try milk porridge with pancakes (a perfect breakfast), spinach soup, chickpea in masala sauce, carrot cutlet and many other. The guests also love to taste ginger and herbal tea. 
Address: 39, Dymytrivska street
It is not so easy to find this café, hidden on the third floor of “Tourist” hotel, but the experience is worth it. This vegetarian café offers meals cooked by home recipes: vegetable soup, stuffed peppers, samosa, baked vegetables, buckwheat. Ukrop also has own-made yoghurt and humus. There is a small shop with organic foods and cosmetics as well. The owners of café say that their aim is to offer natural food without harmful additives and colorants. The menu does not include frozen and ready-to-cook products; offered dishes are made of fresh organic products with many species and herbs that are beneficial for your health.
Address: 2, Rayisy Okipnoyi street, 3d floor
Ilive Café and Ilive Centre

Ilive lounge café offers healthy food made of products that undergo minimum or none of thermal treatment. The menu offers wide choice of raw food dishes, for example, mushroom falafel with pieces of nuts, spinach soup with avocado, raw rolls and many other. For those who aim to lose weight, Ilive cooks developed special WeightLess menu. ILive café has its own eco shop where you can buy crispbreads, sweets, species and many other. ILive family also includes ILive Centre, a big complex purposed for body, spiritual and personal evolvement. The center consists of four parts: IEat – the assortment of raw food and vegetarian cuisine meals, IFeel – spiritual practice sessions such as yoga and Qigong, ICreate — handmade, singing, dancing, drawing classes, and IFashion – for those who wish to develop their unique style.
Address: 32, Esplanadna street (Ilive café); 23a, Vasylkivska street (Ilive Centre)
Stay in harmony with nature and always be healthy tasting the best raw food in Kyiv restaurants.
Photo source: shutterstock.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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