Where to Have Breakfast in Lviv

Where to Have Breakfast in Lviv

Early morning is the best time to capture the real vibe of the city you go to or live in. Still streets and quiet roads waking up, filled with hurried passers-by, the ringing of phones and cars honking, that one morning coffee you've promised to cut on for the past few years – there's an inexplicable charm in the mornings we tend to miss out. Lviv is the city where it could be truly felt with each fiber of the soul. While coffee is a good way to start the day, let's not forget about breakfast, and see where you can have it served best.

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Black Honey
lviv five
This hip café with airy minimalist interior is mostly known for all imaginable ways of brewing coffee. It has become a place to drop by in the morning not only for those who like the coffee classics, but enjoy trying new trends as well. ‘Black Honey’ offers a number of alternative ways in brewing coffee. You can order your drink a pour over, chemex, kalita or aeropress. As for the meals, this option has appeared not that long ago. The following dishes are recommended in the menu to go with the coffee of your choice: oatmeal with berries and honey, freshly baked croissants and lemon tarts. Breakfast menu is available until 6 P.M.
Address: 2, Tadeusha Kostyushka street
Druzi café
lviv two

Lviv counterpart of the famous Kyiv café, Druzi welcomes its customers quite early – starting 9 A.M. on Sun - Mon, and even earlier, at 8 A.M. on Friday and Saturday. There are tips to try scrambled eggs with spinach, potato mushrooms and tomatoes, topping it with a fresh smoothie of your choice. Among other breakfast options you can choose oatmeal with berries, omelet with chicken and mint or vegetables, poached eggs with ham, popular in Ukraine syrnyky with berries or even an exotic chia pudding. Breakfast menu is available until 12 P.M.
Address: 5, Krakivska street
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Green art café
lviv one

As the name may suggest, this place is perfect for vegetarians, as it is actually one of the most visited vegetarian spots in Lviv. The choice of breakfast here is presented with a golden trio: chocolate pancakes with date and raisins, made of buckwheat and rice flour, the place special gluten free paste kerobella and soy milk; classical Ukrainian syrnyky – cheese pancakes with sour cream and berries; and grand Alpa Chia bowl of green buckwheat, almond cereals, honey, banana, berries and fruits. As for beverages, the classical choice of various coffees, tea and freshly squeezed juice is on the menu. Breakfast is available from 11 P.M. to 1 P.M.
Address: 5, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street
Bilka Café
lviv three

Bilka is a confectionery bakery, located right in the heart of Lviv – Soborna Square. The place's interior is designed in a way that says "coziness" and actually reminds of the trendy nowadays hygge concept. It is a place suitable for quiet mornings away from the center's bustle. The menu offers crêpes with cottage cheese and jam, sweet and sour pancakes (gluten-free available!), granola with yogurt, polenta with spinach and poached egg. Much beloved pick for breakfast in Lviv – syrnyky with jam – can also be ordered here. Breakfast dishes are available the whole day long.
Address: 14, Soborna square
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Kredens Café
lviv four

A café chain that originated in Lviv can nowadays be found in other cities in Ukraine. Nevertheless, at its hometown it stays one of the most popular places for breakfast and quick coffee break on the way to work. Kredens has a system one might be familiar with after visiting Starbucks – your name is written on the coffee cup and you can observe it being prepared by the barista. Menu is a paradise for sweet tooth: apple and cherry pie, muffins, macarons of every flavor, as well as a traditional western Ukrainian pick – Sachertorte. Besides, you can order sandwiches or wraps with various fillings. As for the drinks, you will find well-known classics like Americano, the newly-crowned classics like flat white, and the sweet picks: vanilla and coconut latte. The place offers free Wi-Fi, which is also important for catching up with the latest news to start the day.
Address: 5, Valova street; 37, Svobody avenue
Photo sources: shutterstock.com, unsplash.com, Lviv Facebook page, authors @n/a, @romashovaa, @Karina_Kravtsova. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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