Where to Taste Hot Mulled Wine in Kyiv

Where to Taste Hot Mulled Wine in Kyiv

Photo Shutterstock.comHot mulled wine became popular in the 2nd century. It was created by the Romans who heated their wine to help warm themselves against the cold. As the Romans conquered much of Europe they brought hot wine with them and it became popular as well as with the people within their trading networks.

Its popularity continued to grow throughout the middle ages and spices were added to promote health. Eventually herbs and even flowers were added to enhance the flavor of this drink. Medieval households would serve this hot mulled wine to show off their generosity and wealth.
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Over time the popularity of this drink faded except for some Scandinavian countries. Fortunately it has again become popular around the world within 20th century.
During autumn and winter this drink is very popular also in Ukraine and it is served by the restaurants of different types of cuisine. We invite you to try the different hot mulled wines available in Kyiv. Here are just a few of the places you can try it.
2, Bessarabskaya sq., Kyiv
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There is wonderful atmosphere and you can sit staring into the windows, watching the happenings here in the center of the city. Warm drinks are served in colorful cups which look like small pots. In addition you can enjoy fresh Bavarian sausages with several kinds of baguette, potato salad and mustard.
Vino e Cucina
82, Sechovykh Stryltsiv Str., Kyiv
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It a Italian restaurant with European, Italian and Mediterranean food and a friendly atmosphere. In addition to hot red or white wine you can order a tasty pizza which will be prepared here in open kitchen zone with traditional stove. Feel free to sit indoors seat or a beautiful outdoor terrace in nice weather.
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10a, Spasskaya Str., Kyiv
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Would you like to have authentic Georgian while here in Kyiv? Then you find it here at Mimino. Come and enjoy famous Georgian food and drink a glass of flavored warm wine in a relaxing atmosphere.
Tiger Bills
24, Khreschatyk Str., Kyiv
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Tiger Bills known for exceptionally friendly English speaking wait staff, excellent service and American, Thai and European food. Come for the best green curry in Kyiv and for hot wine to get warm and relaxed in autumn and winter time.
Trės Branchė
4, Lysenka Str., Kyiv
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You'll find this to be a small and cozy restaurant known for its French cuisine along with Mediterranean and European food as well. You can sit outside on one of the small tables in nice weather having food or a glass of wine and watch the amazing happenings around Golden Gate in Kyiv downtown.
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Let us not forget that as the Holiday season approaches you can find many street vendors selling mulled wine as well. Don’t get frozen in Kyiv during fall and winter time and taste a cup of hot spicy wine.

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