Where to Taste South American Cuisine Dishes in Kyiv

Where to Taste South American Cuisine Dishes in Kyiv

If you feel bored of all common tastes, want no more pizza and burgers, and crave for something wild and spicy, you should turn your attention to South American cuisine. Authentic dishes from Argentina, Peru and Brazil will make you feel the hotness of their native lands and special flavor calling for adventures and living life to the fullest. Welcome to the restaurants in Kyiv serving South American dishes to experience unusual tastes of the distant continent.

Rancho El Gaucho

Rancho El Gaucho, an Argentinean cuisine restaurant located only 20 minutes away from the city center, has been working in Kyiv for 15 years. It is a part of hotel and restaurant complex, offering delicious South American dishes, rest in eco cottages, sauna and pool surrounded by picturesque pine forest. Native Argentinean chef Jose Antonio delights his guests with perfectly cooked authentic dishes from Argentina and other South American countries such as Paraguay and Brazil. The menu includes wide choice of meat dishes for any taste from juicy veal top round to whole grilled lamb and pig. Many dishes are cooked on open Argentinean grill called asado. However, vegetarians will also find good dinner options in Rancho El Gaucho menu that offers numerous salads, snacks, main courses without meat and fish. The restaurant can also boast good wine menu and wide choice of high quality strong drinks.
Address: 4, Gazoprovidna street
Grill do Brasil

Freshly reconstructed Grill do Brasil restaurant in the center of Kyiv now looks even more stylish and elegant. This restaurant is well-known for offering special type of service called “rodizio”, or simply “all-you-can-eat”. This service was born in Latin America and quickly gained popularity all over the world. With rodizio, a client pays a fixed sum of money, and then eats as much as he/she wants. In Grill do Brasil, the price for this service is UAH 500. The menu includes 14 meat dishes: chicken, three types of veal top round, pork and veal ribs, pork with parmesan, juicy lamb leg and other. Salad bar offers around 30 different tasty positions. As for desserts (not included in rodizio), the guests are welcome to try sorbets, passion fruit mousse and other. Do not miss a chance to taste traditional Caipirihna cocktail made of cachaca, lime and brown sugar. Note that rodizio offer is mostly available in the evenings, while in daytime here is a chance to order a tasty lunch. The second floor of Grill do Brasil has a banquet hall to celebrate special events.
Address: 24, Lesi Ukrayinky boulevard
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Argentina Grill

Argentina Grill restaurant impresses with modern design that includes many wooden elements and much light blue color. The façade, ceiling and walls of the restaurant have colors of Argentina`s national flag, and bar counter greets visitors with a big “Hola” sign. The restaurant’s chefs promise that their steaks taste just like in Argentina. It is highly recommended to try medium rare Ribeye steak with Malbec salt and marinated beat, and duck fillet with cranberry sauce cooked on Argentinean parilla grill. The restaurant also offers good choice of options for breakfast, for example, poached eggs with bacon and puffs with special sauce. As for drinks, guests are welcome to order delicious wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain and many other countries.
Addresses: 18, Marshala Tymoshenka street22, Anny Akhmatovoyi street
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Ronin is one of the first restaurants in Ukraine serving unique Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine dishes. Nikkei is a Cosmopolitan food tradition of Japanese emigrants in Peru, rapidly expanding all over the world. Lots of Nikkei dishes are based on fresh fish, seviche, potatoes, octopus and corn cakes. Teppan grill is installed on each of two restaurant`s floors, so guests can watch the process of cooking appetizing exotic meals. The main hall has a raw-bar with the freshest seviche, oysters, tartars, sushi and rolls. As for drinks, the menu has wide range of good wines and uncommon strong drinks such as Japanese whiskey, sake and pisco (Peruvian analogous of vodka). While grown-ups relax, children are welcome to BabyRock – a special space where they can play and have fun.
Address: 10, Zoologichna street

The concept of Manu restaurant is based on mystical legend about ancient civilization of Incas that lived on the territory of modern Peru in prehistoric times. The restaurant is named after ancient Inca god, the Father of all things. Wood and stone, the main materials used in interior design, create authentic look of Peruvian rocks with carvings. The restaurant mainly serves dishes of Nikkei cuisine – an unusual mix of Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions. The list of main ingredients of Nikkei cuisine dishes cooked in Manu includes fresh fish, seafood, seaweed, Pan Asian rice, vegetables, grits and spicy sauces. It is recommended to taste fish, seafood, meat and fowl cooked on a large Peruvian grill; guacamole; empanadas with Chilean sea bass and Salsa sauce; seviche sea bass with sweet potatoes and grilled corn. The menu also offers vegan dishes and numerous worthy cocktails.
Address: 94, Velyka Vasylkivska street
While tasting South American gastronomic wonders in the best restaurants of Kyiv, you will dive into the flow of powerful and vivid energy from another hemisphere.
Photo source: shutterstock.com, websites of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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