Where to Try Traditional Ukrainian Syrnik in Kyiv

Where to Try Traditional Ukrainian Syrnik in Kyiv

Syrnik is one of the best-known Slavic desserts. Usually it is a fried cake made of curd and flour with delicious additives such as apples, nuts, berries or dried apricots, served with sour cream or jam. Its traditional Ukrainian variant, Lviv Syrnik, is undoubtedly one of the must try dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Let us consider cafes and restaurants, which offer the best Lviv Syrnik in Kyiv.

There are many legends about the origins of this dish. The first legend tells that the first syrnik recipe was created in ancient Rome in Arabia region. The second version says that this dessert came from Baltic countries, where it is still cooked by the simplest recipe without sugar and any additives. According to the third legend, syrniks first appeared in Ukraine, where curd is still called “syr”.
Lvivski Platski

Lvivski Plastski is a famous Lviv baker shops network, which has a lot of cafes around the whole Ukraine and, of course, in Kyiv. Word “platski” means thin cakes or flat dishes made of dough. Platski is the best-known and popular desserts of Lviv. Each Lviv mistress can cook an excellent syrnik and a unique strudel using her own recipes and exceptionally tasty sauces as well asdiverse kinds of platski which are the integral part of Galicia gastronomic culture. Lvivski Plastski is a bakery specialized in syrniks and strudels, which delights guests by its good-looking products with magic aroma and taste. All desserts in Lvivski Plastski are cooked according to the best recipes of experienced Lviv bakers. Here clients can order traditional Lviv syrniks with papaver, raisins, chocolate crumbs and dried apricots.
5, Spasska street
22a, Saksakanskogo street
10, Khmelnytskogo street
33, Peremogy avenue
20d, Polyarna street
Zolotiy Dukat

Zolotiy Dukat (Golden Ducat) coffee shop is a right place to feel romantic mood, inspiration and to smell freshly roasted Lviv coffee. Lovers of excellent coffee and tasty desserts come here the whole week, on working days as well as on weekends. Each coffee drink in Zolotiy Dukat is a real masterpiece. Along with the outstandingly delicious coffee of famous Kopi Luwak brand, guests are offered a plenty of appetizing desserts such as cakes, strudels, tiramisu, ice cream and, of course, Lviv syrniks. Here guests can choose different syrniks according to their own taste. Zolotiy Dukat menu includes Lviv syrniks with chocolate, honey, pear and lemon jam, dried apricots and raisins. 
Address: 16, Institutska street
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Lviv Chocolate Factory

Lviv Chocolate Factory has created its own traditions of quality and taste, based on the best examples of European hand-made chocolate. Starting from 2009, the chocolate production of Lviv Chocolate Factory has been continuously expanding. Though the big number of chocolate workshops in Ukraine, the main principles of chocolate and desserts production always stay the same: the sweets are made in Lviv using European high-quality products; only natural ingredients without harmful additives are used for production; the products are hand-made by qualified professionals; all products are sold only in specialized Lviv Chocolate Factory shops, where the whole production and selling process can be controlled. Along with the chocolates, Lviv Chocolate Factory offers lots of delicious desserts, which include tasty Lviv syrniks with chocolate and cherries.
1, Verbitskogo street, "New Way" shopping center
6а, Lobanovskogo avenue
40, Budivelnykiv street, “Doma” shopping center
20d, Polyarna street, “Epicenter K” shopping center
36, Shevcenka boulevard
38, Khreschatyk street
45, Antonovycha street
2b, Andriivsky Descent
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Spotykach is a retro restaurant in the center of Kyiv, which offers a wide range of Ukrainian cuisine dishes. The restaurant has three halls: “Dining room”, which can held up to 45 persons, “Crystal hall” with total capacity of 35 people, and “Cabinet hall” for a small company of 6 friends. Spotykach design keeps to 1960s style: the walls are decorated with Soviet advertisement posters, photos of politicians and actors, toboggans, bicycles and diverse utensils. The restaurant menu provides traditional Slavic cuisine meals: borsch, cabbage rolls, home-made sausages, potato slapjacks, varenyky(dumplings), pancakes with sweet and salt fillings, and also many hot dishes made of fish, meat and fowl, served with more than six kinds of sauces. The alcohol menu includes diverse short drinks, liquors, draught and bottle beers. Along with many other delicious desserts, Spotykach offers extremely tasty Lviv syrniks with dried apricots.
Address: 16, Volodymyrska street
Khutorets` Na Dnipri

Khutorets` Na Dnipri (Homestead on Dnipro) is a legendary Ukrainian cuisine restaurant. This restaurant was established in 1998. Nowadays, Khutorets` Na Dnipri is a really modern and elegant place, located on the picturesque bank of Dnipro River. Here guests can enjoy an amazing atmosphere of Ukrainian hospitality. The menu of Khutorets` Na Dnipri offers the best traditional Ukrainian food: 8 kinds of varenyky, 5 kinds of borsch, 7 types of bacon (with spicy adjika sauce, with red pepper and paprika, with garlic and species and other), 3 kinds of rendered pork fat, wide choice of meat and fish dishes. This is a great place to try national Ukrainian snacks served with vodka and beer. Of course, Khutorets` Na Dnipri offers a plenty of tasty desserts as well, including silky Lviv syrniks with berries.
Address: 10a, Naberezhno-Khreschatytska street
Discover the excellent taste of traditional Lviv syrnik in the best Kyiv cafes and restaurants.
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