Wood Oven Pizza Places in Kyiv

Wood Oven Pizza Places in Kyiv

Without a doubt, Kyiv has many worthy pizza spots: from popular chains like Celentano Pizza or Il Molino to more secluded places like Vezuvio. However, when it comes to seeking something more authentic, the search substantially narrows. There are several Kyiv venues that let you try pizza prepared in a wood oven. Let’s find out what those are.


An Italian restaurant of the La Famiglia network opened in 2017 offers hospitable vibes and unique cuisine. Located conveniently near the Main Railway Station in Kyiv, Semifreddo allows having a quick lunch before the hectic trip. Dishes here are prepared at the open kitchen, where guests can watch their orders being prepared. Chefs use the traditional wood oven to get pizza and pinzza ready. The latter is the specialty of Semifreddo: first, chefs prepare the dough from several cereal types and only then add toppings. There are tips to try spicy pinzza with salmon and arugula.
Address: 5B, Georgiy Kyrpa Street
Capo di Monte
This restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine is located on the busy and hustling Saksahanskoho Street in the downtown Kyiv. Capo di Monte certainly keeps the authenticity on the decent level: ingredients from olive oil and spices to the most important elements like cheese and salami are brought straight from Italy. Making pizza in a wooden oven is yet another way to preserve the real taste of the dish. Apart from classical pizzas and place’s specials, Capo di Monte offers a whole range of Panini, antipasti, salads, soups, and desserts. Delivery is also conveniently available here.
Address: 35, Saksahanskoho Street
Риба в Вогнi / Fish on Fire
A bright dining spot located in Podil district in Kyiv certainly has Odesa vibes in it — after all, it was founded by the famous Odesa restauranteur Saveliy Libkin. As one can guess from the place’s name, main accent here is made on seafood. Moreover, visitors have an opportunity to choose the fish that will be cooked in a Neapolitan wood-fired oven. Three types of pizzas are prepared there as well: Prosciutto Crudo with mozzarella and truffle paste, Neapolitane with Buratta cheese, and Frutti di Mare with seafood.
Address: 33, Petra Sahaidachnoho Street
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It's only fair to move away from the downtown venues and give the spotlight to the left bank of Kyiv: that's where the Italian restaurant Positano is located. Even those who don’t live on the left bank often visit the place: after all, the menu was developed by the famous Italian chef Marco Cervetti and renowned pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia. There are tips to try classical 4 Cheese and the place’s special – Positano pizza with mozzarella, Parmigiano, olive oil, and fried cherry tomatoes prepared in a wood oven.
Address: 1B, Pavla Tychyny Avenue
Pizza Napule
This Kyiv pizzeria is famous for serving the best Neapolitan pizza in the city, cooked by native Italian pizzaiolo Giuseppe Irollo. The best products imported from Italy, baking technology in a special wood oven and Irollo’s skills combined together give out an excellent product. The menu offers twenty types of pizza, including classic Margherita and Calzone as well as culinary specials from the pizzaiolo. Drinks menu provides a plenty of delicious wines and also some good beers.
Address: 9, Mechnykova Street
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Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza
Without doubts, nowadays pizza isn’t an Italian-only product: there are at least several types of pizza well known in the United States, from Chicago deep dish to the crispy Brooklyn style. The latter is prepared according to all the rules and canons in the heart of Kyiv on Baseina Street. Here visitors have a chance to try the most unique and even exotic toppings: for instance, pizza with lamb meatballs, peperonata, and cumin. Those brave and willing to experiment can assemble their own pizza from the existing fillings and have it prepared in a wood oven.
Address: 1/2, Baseina Street
Il Molino
Last but not least, Neapolitan-style wood oven pizza can be enjoyed at one of the most popular pizza chains in the Ukrainian capital — Il Molino. The menu is full of picks to satisfy the pickiest eaters: from classical Margherita and 4 cheese to more sophisticated options like Pepperoni Melanzane with marinated spicy eggplant, Pepperoni, and mozzarella, prepared according to the authentic Italian recipe. Besides, Il Molino offers a broad range of pasta, salads, seafood, meat and fish dishes prepared in the oven on open fire. Due to the popularity of this pizza chain, Il Molino’s restaurants can be easily found in many districts of the city.
Address: 40/2, Volodymyrska Street; 120, Saksahanskoho Street; 45, Peremohy Avenue; 1B, Obolonskyi Ave and others
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Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, shutterstock.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.


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