Yunist’ Shrimps Café in Kyiv

Yunist’ Shrimps Café in Kyiv

Seafood lovers rejoice as one more fine dining spot, this time with great emphasis on shrimps, opens in Kyiv. Юniсть (“Youth”), according to the owners, is the place to relax, be youthful and have a glass of champagne to top the portion of delicious shrimps. Let’s check it out.

Located near Maidan, this café is filled with the delicious aroma of food. Owners of Юniсть, young entrepreneurs from Odesa, certainly brought the city’s spirit to Kyiv: it can be felt in the décor like a paddle on the wall, marine-styled paintings and famous Odesa humor reflected in the menu. The initial idea was to open a mono-restaurant, which serves only shrimps, but in the end Юniсть has a broad menu and much more to offer.
The café serves several types of shrimps: tiger, Argentine and the Black Sea shrimps, which can be served ‘beheaded’ or ‘with head on’ depending on the visitor’s taste. Another step in picking the dish is the way of cooking — shrimps can be grilled or prepared in wok, with a whole assortment of additional flavors to enhance the taste: tomatoes and lemon for those who prefer more traditional Mediterranean serving, as well as garlic, chili, ginger for those who want more spice. By the way, Asian cuisine found its place in Юniсть' menu, as the chef has been mastering it in various Kyiv fine dining spots for more than ten years.
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Apart from Pan-Asian dishes, Israeli and Moroccan cuisine are also represented here. To name but a few appetizers: various salads, guacamole with sun-dried tomatoes, and the latest food trend so popular in Kyiv – hummus, which can be served with delicious side dishes, starting from shrimps and blue cheese to spinach and cottage cheese with toast bread.
As for the hot dishes, Юniсть offers a classical Thai soup with shrimps Tom Yum based on coconut milk and a traditional Israeli dish Shakshouka, which consists of poached eggs, tomato sauce, chili peppers, and the place's special – delicious perch. Two types of noodles, glass with chicken and rice with shrimps, are available here as well.
Beer and sparkling wine are the two popular picks to top the dinner.
Address: 24A, Mykhailivs'ka street
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