Shoti: 2015 Best Kyiv Restaurants List

Shoti: 2015 Best Kyiv Restaurants List

Shoti is modern restaurant of Georgian cuisine that is located at the center of Kyiv.

"Shoti" is the name of traditional home-made bread in the shape of boat which is baked in the “ton” - Georgian oven. Such oven is located in the middle of one hall of the restaurant where the bread is baked and served hot to visitors.
Before the concept of the restaurant was created, Sergei Gusovsky, the future owner of the restaurant, traveled to Georgia to get the inspiration. The menu includes dishes from all regions of Georgia and the recipes are close to the original ones without any adaptation to "Ukrainian taste."

Chef, George Khuchua, came to Ukraine from Tbilisi, Georgia.
The menu is quite large and makes seven pages. Instead of salads the one can choose pkhali (traditional snack of ground vegetables, walnuts and hazelnuts, with spices and wine vinegar). Grilled cheese with home adjika sauce, Kakheti oyster braised with tarragon, and dolma (vine leaves stuffed with beef and rice) are among hot appetizers.

The restaurant offers three classical Georgian soups: kharcho - thick pungent beef soup with rice and walnuts, chikhirtma - chicken broth with egg yolk and vinegar and wine, bozbash - a thick soup with meatballs of lamb and vegetables. Vegetarian lobio is cooked from red beans with spices in a clay pot.

You can order an alcohol-free red basil lemonade, tarragon and homemade compote. For a dinner it is possible to order a bottle of original Georgian wine. Only Saperavi wine is served by glasses.
Design "Shoti" was developed by Italian architect Domenico Arnaldo who accompanied Mr. Gusovsky in his journey to Georgia. The interior of the restaurant is modern and minimalistic but characteristics of traditional Georgian lifestyle could be also found here. There are wide wooden tables for big companies, sheep fur cushions on the sofas, brick walls.

Particular attention was paid to the lighting of the restaurant. More than a hundred lighting groups have been put in place and that allows creating optimal lighting during a day.
You can have a business lunch here, romantic dinner or nice party with friends and family and every time you will be touched by the Georgian warmth and hospitality in the center of Kyiv.
Address: 9, Mechnikova Street, Kyiv 01024, Ukraine, phone +380 44 3399 399

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